We are in the process 24/7 of seeking out /surveying or buying Mint or Ultra-Low Mileage, Unique Classic Cars. The vehicles shown here are what’s currently offered on display. There are times some of the vehicles displayed are sold immediately to our regular customer base as soon as posted. So, if there’s a car you want we may very well be working on buying it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We could very well be working on buying your DREAMCAR next! After 30+ years in the business , we’ve got great ‘contacts’ all over America. I offer a Search & Find (Acquisition Service) for regular or qualified customers who are willing to commit with a deposit but, I can’t do it for free. We do not take credit cards for auto purchases…sorry for any inconvenience.

WATCH ‘EM GROW!!! A Number’s Matching, Correct Classic Car or Truck is STILL the Best Place to Put Your Money ! The Secret has been, and will always be – buying the right one! You could be Driving and Enjoying that Classic Ride while it’s ‘Appreciating’… a much better investment then making ‘Pennies’ on your bank account. Again, the key is Choosing the Right car!


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