After months of research and inquiries to Exotic Car Mechanic’s & Dealers across America, the question of dependability & value on late model Bentley versus Rolls-Royce was asked …… a new ‘Winner’ emerged. The Rolls-Royce EX-200 Ghost is a whole new ‘animal’.

Not only was the Rolls-Royce brand synonymous with perfection since being in existence since 1904, it was always identified with Luxury, Power and Success. Not just because they were the Most Expensive Car in the World but, for what they represented. Sold to VW in 2003 for $712 million, it was renamed “Rolls-Royce Motors”. They ultimately sold it to BMW in 1998, re-establishing it as “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited”. This merger proved to be the best thing ever for the Marque. They combined the luxury and excellence of Rolls-Royce with the forward thinking and benefit of BMW’s drive-ability, and service-ability by building a more practical & resilient automobile then ever before.

Powered by a brand new 6.6litre Twin Turbo Charged V12 engine, it produces 563 h.p. And 0-60 mph in 4.7sec. Top speed is 155 m.p.h. Via an 8-speed ZF transmission. Given the weight , that’s extraordinary performance. It was engineered for effortless performance, composure and ‘refined’ power delivery. You feel a dynamic connection with the road yet, the Ghost is stable and flat. The vehicle acoustics also play a pivotal role with the engine, exhaust and tire noise engineered to be inaudible…both internally & externally.

Built on a dedicated production line at Goodwood it shared the same paint, wood and leather workshops then it’s Big Brothers, the Phantom Series. Every aspect of Art & Design was explored to build a ALL NEW Automobile and your first Road Test will prove it. It remained true to the Rolls-Royce DNA but, broke new ground.

Every inch is superb quality, virtually zero plastic, actual Chrome Metal, Stainless and Leather abound. Even the Rear Coach Power Doors are hinged 83 degrees ( the widest of any motor car).Not only aiding access but, giving an indication of what’s ‘indoors’. The Seats are designed to give the rear passenger privacy behind the C-Pillars yet, were designed to give unrestricted view of the world outside.

At this writing BMW has developed a ‘new’ V12 engine that will power this beauty but, for service-cost-sake, I opted to seek-out the First Edition ‘RR4’.

This Ghost is finished in Diamond Black with Moccassin Full Leather, Panoramic Sun Roof, 20” Chrome Wheels with Custom Blue Enhanced Vertical-Fixed Hubcaps, Lambs Wool Carpets, Picnic Tables, Goodyear Run-Flat Tires, Dual Umbrella’s (Built-in Door Storage), Front & Rear Camera’s, Multi-Disc CD w/ Premium Sound, 3-Zone A.C., Heated/Ventilated Seats, Tire Pressure Monitor, Chromed Exhaust, Navigation, Preferred Drivers Assistance 1, Extended Leather & Lighting, Cut Elm Cluster Wood, V12 Badging, Diamond Bling Door Lock /Control Knobs, Monogrammed Doors, and Platinum Hood Paint-Delete.