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    2005 Maserati Quattroporte V Sedan   

Wow! We had an opportunity to buy this car and once previewing it, decided it was a Must Buy. Absolutely Stunning Performance, Garaged all it's life, never Smoked In, No Curb-Kissed Wheels, a Knock-out Beauty in Grecio Metallic Silver with Tan leather. This car drives like NEW and 'looks' like it came off the showroom floor yesterday. This is a late build 2005 with only 18,670 miles- loaded with Bose Sound, Blaupunkt 6 CD Changer, 400 hp. Ferrari Built V8, Dual Climate Control Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Paddle Shift Duo Select Automatic Transmission, 'Sport' Mode Suspension / Transmission, Power Front & Rear Heated Seats, Front & Rear Parking Sensors, 19" Sport Alloy Wheels, Power Rear Shade, Power Sunroof, Retractable Mirrors, Wood Steering Wheel, Full Leather Interior (mint) and even Multi-Media Navigation. Tires were changed not for wear but, lack of use just recently. Clean Auto Report and Full Recent Service at the Maserati Dealer. A Great value; List price new $113,500. NADA Guide Current Issue Book $60,600. Let someone else take that 'first-5 year hit'...and, still Live The Dream...Buy it now $39,500 OBO.

  The Story 

Quattroporte" in Italian means "Four Doors" and this beautiful design began in 1963 when Maserati announced a new model. Not new to the Auto Scene, this Sedan has now created Six Generations of endearment.
The First Generation (1963-1969) drew a strong resemblance to sketches by Frau, then executed by the Vignale Coach Builders. They were heavy Highway Cruisers capable of 124 m.p.h.. By 1966, Maserati added double headlights and increased top speed to 160.
Followed in 1974-1978 by introducing the 2nd generation Quattroporte II at the Turin, Italy Car Show. Most of these FWD cars were sold to the Middle East for Sheiks and to Spain. By 1973, the Oil Crisis saw the car in a downward spiral from which this model never recovered. Furthermore, the FWD (Front Wheel Drive) feature did not attract many or, should we say... any admirers.
Then came the Quattroporte III & Royale models. Considered a "Businessman's Maserati" it was re-configured and released by newly appointed Alejandro deTomaso as a rear-wheel drive car with a large V8. It was one of the last hand-built Italian cars with all the seams filled to give a 'seamless appearance'. Only 2,155 Quattroporte's were ever produced and most carried the '4200' 8 cylinder motor. They are best remembered for their lavish interiors.
By 1994-2001 the Quattroporte IV was unveiled. They were actually a restyled 4 -door version of the Ghibli II designed by Marcello Gandini. They packed an incredible punch with a 2.8 Twin Turbo V8 that produced 284 hp and 158 mph. A 3.2 Bi-Turbo version was announced in 1995 and it reached 335 hp and 168 mph.
In 1997 Ferrari took over Maserati and introduced the Quattroporte Evolutione' for 1998. It featured over 400 new ,or improved, parts benefitting from FERRARI'S dramatically improved manufacturing methods. Only 320 Evolutione's were ever produced 1998-2001.
Now enters the Quattroporte V (2004-2012). This is a Work of Art designed by Pinanfarina offering the same engine as the Maserati Coupe, Spyder and new Gran Turisimo but, improved to 400 hp Due to it's weight it does 0-62 in 5.2 sec and has a Top Speed of 171 mph. It was unveiled at the Frankfort Auto Show in 2003 and then was premiered at the Pebble Beach Concourse by Aug. of 2003. A beautiful continuation of the long standing Maserati Quattroporte Luxury Sedans. It had a remarkable 47% front to 55% rear weight distribution while the Duo Select Transmission which allows a very nimble handling machine. Maserati then re-designed the weight distribution further by setting the engine back a bit further in the chassis to shift the load back even further towards the cabin. This new design maximizes weight distribution and forward thrust on accceleration. Truly a Ferrari racecar in Maserati Clothing. The result was 47% front and 51% rear distribution. Over 5,000 Maserati Quattroporte's were delivered by 2006 alone.
Successful production continues on Maserati Quattroporte's with the release of the
Quattroporte VI in 2013 to present. They are now built at the Bertone plant on the outskirts of Turin, Italy. It's hard to match the Prestige and Beauty of driving a "4-Door Ferrari" in the Maserati Quattroporte'.