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It's been more then 14 years since the 'Rebirth' of the Classic Mini Cooper and time has taught us this Retro-Recreation is Built Way Better and More Roadable then it's predecessor! Goodbye to "Lucas, The Prince of Darkness" and "Hellooo" to BMW Bavarian-German Precision Engineering and Craftsmanship. What could be even better? BMW saw fit to build a short run of 'Special' MINI's in 2004 dedicated to the MINI's Most Famous Race win...
The Monte Carlo Rally in 1964. This Cultural Phenomenon, called the Mini Cooper LIVES ON, even today through this splendid commemorative car. It not only won this race but, went on to win 3 more Monte Carlo Races.

This rare 'Factory Built Recreation' was an exact dedication to the car and it's winning efforts.
BMW only produced 1,000 of these ever and each was numbered with a console mounted plaque. If you're going to drive something "new' , why not drive a Super Collectible? They have continued to hold their value: In fact, we bought one 'new' in 2004 and sold it for what we paid 8 years later. Now, THAT's a great investment. We had so many phone calls, after it left, we went on a 13 month mission to find the lowest mileage "MC-40" in existence offered out there, for our car Museum. 
Now offered, #137 a literally 'new' 2004 MINI "S" with only 15,500 miles loaded with ALL THE 'COOLEST' OPTIONS (Below). Priced at just $27,950**


Debuting in 1959, the original Mini Cooper was introduced at the Rally of Monte Carlo and quickly found it's way into the hearts of millions including the garages of Stars, Rock Icons and Royalty (Princess Anne). Purchased by BMW (along with Land Rover & Rover) in 1994, they spent the next 10 years painstakingly re-designing an old Icon. The MINI Hatchback Coupe, Convertible, Coupe' and Roadster were all built and released from the Oxford Plant in Cowley England. Update to 2004: 
This Special Edition , 1st Generation BMW Mini "MC-40" #137 is finished, just like the 1964 original, in Chili Red complimented by a White Roof. It features a copy of the Original English Registration Plate affixed to the Bonnet (Hood) reading "33EJB"....exactly as it was on the Original Monte Carlo Rally winning car. Each Mini also carries Commemorative Decals in the exact shape of the old Monte Carlo Identification Logo behind the Registration Plate and on the Rear Flanks. B.M.W. dedicated this car to the vintage Rally Theme by fitting each car with $7,000 in extra equipment including Rally Driving Lights, Rear Foglight, Matte Chrome Monte Carlo Shift Knob, Three-Spoke Steering Wheel, Paddy's original Numbered #37 Plates (removable) for each door, Custom Badged Rubber Mats, Chrome Grille/ Mirror faces/ Rear Boot Handle, "GB" Chrome Insignia,  Aluminum Faced Pedals, complete Tool Kit and optional to this version only) Red & Black Panther Leather Seats. It also carried the Supercharged 163 hp motor w/ 6-Speed transmission, Carbon Fiber Dash and a Unique Plaque numbered with each cars I.D. # (1-1000) signed by the actual driver, Paddy Hopkirk plus, a Special MC-40 Shift Knob. Additionally, each car was fitted with Special BBS Style 17" Cross-Spoke Alloy Wheels in Anthracite Gray with Polished Rims ( an exclusive feature to this model only). Then, they added all the usual trick Mini Options: Premium Package; Automatic Air Conditioning, and On-Board Computer. This car was also optioned the Sport Package which includes Dynamic Stability Control, Sport Seats, Rear Spoiler, 205/145/17 Performance 'Run Flat' Tires, Bonnet Stripe Delete, Carbon Fiber Dashboard w/ 'Cooper Works' decal, Xenon Headlights w/ Power Washer, Alarm System with Motion Sensors and Special Gauge package. To complete the final touch optional: Union Jack Valve Caps, Custom 'Union Jack' Flag on the Roof, Door Handle Chrome Caps, Exterior Chrome Package and Custom Interior Accents were added.  This car list priced at over $30,000 with the 'improvements'.
Let there be no mistake; this car is a
Pocket Rocket and a great Future Collectible. It was even listed on many numerous Automobile websites as One of The Top Ten Cars For Resale in America !
The 1st generation MINI's were built 2001-2006. They have been followed by, what many call ,"a MINI on Steroids" (Generation 2- 2007- till present) & have lost their 'cute' appeal as every panel is Larger, PLUS, THEY NO LONGER CARRY THE BMW ASPIRED MOTOR. Just another reason to seek out the 1st Generation.
Kick the krud off your knickers and 'get with it' yourself the perfect 'Toy' .....a Collectible

  The History:
The Mini Cooper is one of England's Great Sports Car Legends. It was an inspired concoction that became the Rally Car of the 1960's, 1970's, and then reappeared, to become a Cult Car in 2000. You've seen them in the Mike Myer's Austin Power's film "Goldmember", (quote: "It's Not the SIZE that matters !, It's How you Use it ! "), and various other movies, frequently having the pant's driven off them, including "The Italian Job" ( starring Mark Wahlberg & Charlize Theron). In fact, in their heyday- each of 'The Beatles' drove Mini Coopers!

It all started in 1964 when Paddy Hopkirk earned the term "Giant Killer" by simply wasting the pint-size V8 Ford's in the Monte Carlo Rally, coming in First ( after driving 3,000 miles - they won by a 30 point margin!). Pitted against much bigger, better cars like the Austin Healey 3000, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Citroen and Saab, it went on to win the 1964 Tulip Rally, 1963 Alpine Rally, Monte Carlo Rally in 1965 and 1967, as well as, 25 other prestigious competitions. Because of it's maneuverability, low center of gravity, and front wheel drive, it could 'dance' around the competition.. WINNING every time. In fact, it would have won it's FOURTH Monte Carlo Rally if it wasn't disqualified by dubious intent (a technical lighting infraction) by the French officials ! You will quickly find out that even when driven to it's absolute limits, it corners "flat as a pancake". This car is the perfect blend of 'cute' / unique looks, precise steering, terrific handling, uncanny balance and the feeling of "I can get away with almost anything kind-of-car".
The Mini is the brainchild of England's own (Sir) John Cooper, who for years still received a $4 Royalty on every car built. Much like ( but, not ) Adolph Hitler's involvement with the Volkswagen, the Designer Alec Issigonis, designed the car to be "The People's Car" but, humorously, never approved of the "S" Model 'Performance' version. British Motor Corporation (BMC) DID, however, and they went on to build the "S" Model to everybody's complete satisfaction. This new Space Efficient, Fuel Efficient 'Econo-Box" was offered in 2001 with a Supercharged Engine and (re) dubbed the "S" Model. The Mini Cooper 'S' takes the "short -wide car theme" to the Ever Livin' Max and has the wheels pushed out .... to the corners, as far as possible. It's actually only 11.9 ft. long (almost a full foot shorter than the Miata) however, it's not short on practicality. It carries two large adults up front and two small adults, or 'leg-less children' in the back. Amazingly it seats drivers up to 6'7" Tall as the doors open wide at 80 degrees. The ergonomic buck for the Mini is the current BMW 3-Series so, all the basic controls, pedals, shifter and steering wheel are placed, like the 3-Series Bimmer, squarely in front of the driver...not, off slightly to the side like most Front Engine Drive cars. The inside is a Retro 60's Simple-but-Practical Look designed with the design of tubular aluminum, carried out on the Dash, Armrests, Door Panels and Shifter. The Dash carries a Monster Tachometer mounted on the Steering Column with Matching Gauges set off to the side. It's easy to read as the numbers are almost child-like in proportion and size. Twelve Warning Lights give a 'Christmas Tree Effect ' when you start the car and the Suspension feels stable and balanced due to over sized anti-roll bars, front and rear. If you're in a panic to stop, the Mini blossoms with Monster Brakes on each corner. The ASC+T Traction Control make it hard to make a mistake, no matter what the driving surface. Best Part: it still gets 22-24.9 mpg while performing 0-60 mph in about 6.5 sec. We found it in the MC-40 in Texas. It was a one--owner, "A" Title, proven mileage example...lowest mileage one we could find! We owned our last one 8 wonderful years and never had a mechanical issue. This has to be One of the Lowest Mileage 'MC-40's' left in existence. A GREAT Future Collectible and fabulous driver.
**ADDED BONUS: This car also has the Complete "Care Kit" Box which includes; original Showroom Brochure,  MINI Interstate Bingo cards (2), MINI "Feature Cards" (2 sets) with Card Holder , 'Floating' MINI Pen, Lighter Block Plug, Financial Services Booklet, (2) #37 Door Paddy Magnets (1) "Who" Door Magnet, MINI Highway "Messaging Kit", 3 Keys: (2) Remote, (1) Wallet Key with original Dealer Key Fob, original Dealer Temp. Tag, + Original Leather Bound Owners Manual which includes:
Emergency Lighting Leaflet, Mini "Unwrapped" in cellophane, Mini Safety Tip Brochure, Supplemental Owners Manual, Radio CD Manual, Service Warranty Points Manual and Owners Operational Manual.