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One of these seldom appear on the Market due to the fact , like the Ford GT they were made in ultra-limited numbers(386). Actually made by the same company that built the original's that Carroll Shelby adopted to build his 427SC. In fact, when Carroll claimed he found 6 deserted in a warehouse, Road & Track  discovered, he actually bought them from Autokraft....the same folks who bought out A.C.  We have kept in touch with this car because we sold in 15 years ago to the gentleman who has taken it over-the-top. It is listed in the SAAC Cobra Registry (page 302  and again on Page 292). It is known as AK1064 / Series 3 MKIV Cobra. 1 of 130, 302 V8's

This is an original Aluminum Autokraft AC Cobra hand-built in Surrey England, @ the same Brooklands historic facility, by the same panel beaters who used the original jigs & dies used to stamp the original AC Bristol's and Cobras. They sold the completed cars to Ford Motor Company in 1984-85 who then marketed them through a handful of selected Ford Dealers for $47,500 [89,900 Pounds]in the mid-eighties. The same year Corvettes were priced at $27,027-$32,480. This car was sold new by Muck Motors in New York to a North Carolina- Jupiter Island, FL resident. This particular car was Finished in Anthracite Grey with the original Black Leather Bucket seats, Black Wilton Wool Carpets and Black Soft Top . It carries the 5-speed BW gearbox and 3:71 Rear Diff. to give awesome performance yet, still great gas mileage. Since our initial sale: this car has only covered a total of 7,364 miles yet, had the engine upgraded by the wealthy 2nd owner from the 210 hp standard 302 Mustang to a 375-400 HP 302 using all the latest Hi-Performance Spec Modifications. This includes new Aluminum Cylinder Heads, Roller Camshaft, Custom Pushrods, Advanced Timing Chain Set-Up and the new SEMA Award-Winning 'FAST' Fuel Injection, which self adjusts to existing Cam/Engine via (2) different Computers. "Bullet-proof" new F.I. System. Quick STARTS and Rocket Fast Performance. They were also equipped with 15" Halibrand Style Knock-Off Wheels/Hex Nuts. Noteworthy: This is the same car Bob Lutz (G.M. executive and Auto Guru) owns in his personal stable.

Driven just 368 miles a year in 15 years the last owner had plenty of cars in his stable to include a 1936 Custom Ford Street Rod, '58 Solid-Lifter Fuelie Vette and Porsche Turbo.  If your budget cannot reach a Million Dollars ++ for an original 289 Shelby Cobra~this has got to be the next best thing. Now, re-priced to current Market from our Museum Collection could have been parked in your garage....... sorry too late. SOLD


  The STORY 

1985 was a Great Year. Unemployment was at only 6.8%, the lowest in 5 years- despite the fact the U.S. owed more to other Countries then they owed to us. So, Britain, France, West Germany and Japan took steps to devalue the U.S. Dollar 4.29%. Movie ticket sales -plummeted thanks to the sale of VCR's yet, Gung-Ho Hero's like Silvester Stallone in "Rocky V" & "Rambo" and Chuck Norris starred in "Missing In Action" and "Invasion USA" raking in the Big Bucks. "Back To The Future" would kick-ass at the movie theatre, as well, with Michael Fox driving his stainless DeLorean. Never understood the draw but, "The Breakfast Club" would also do well at the box-office. Under bad news: 41 people would die from a Cold Front in 15 States. No major breakthroughs are reached when President Reagan and Communist Party Leader Mikhali Gorbachev meet in Geneva Switzerland.

This would be the year the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame was founded. CD's would over run Vinyl in sales and LP's would immediately become obsolete this year.  Top single's would be "Say You, Say Me" Lionel Richie, USA For Africa... "We Are The World", "Careless Whisper" Wham, and "Can't Fight This Feeling" REO Speedwagon. Oh, lets' not forget ...."Money For Nothing" Dire Straits.  While Madonna popularized the "Crop-Top Look" and exposed bra, the "Miami Vice" TV Show would take over influence of Men's Wardrobes with European Cut Sport Coats, solid T-Shirts, serious 5'oclock shadows, and baggy belt-less pants. If you wore all of that AND drove  a replicar Ferrari Daytona Spyder you were Top Dog in 1985. The Biggest Gaffe would come when Coca-Cola , in an attempt to fend of the rapidly approaching Pepsi, would announce "New Coke". Old Coke loyalists would resound with howls as the new Sweeter Coke actually tasted more like Pepsi. Three months later, Coca-cola would relent and return to their old formula amidst threats of 1000's of original formula  'fans' driving to other States just to stock up on old product. Like The Edsel, the new Coke was an improvement no one asked for so, it was quietly withdrawn from the marketplace. 1985 was indeed a Year Worth Remembering.  

The idea for the Autocraft Cobra started when Edsel Ford made his speech to the Ford Divisional Operations Committee (Sept, 12, 1983). He stated: he desired..." to attract younger car enthusiasts, build traffic and offer one-up-manship over neighborhood Corvette owners" > by offering a real Ford Built Cobra.  He went on to say "... the bodies were built with heavy gauge aluminum rolled on the same exact bucks as the original AC cars". These cars were the only cars tested to meet all US DOT specs imported as complete cars (not kit cars) to and through Ford Motor Company. Edsel went on to say..." the frame was of 'locomotive' proportions and capable of handling easily the power train they fitted". In fact the frame was tested using Ford's 600hp 400cid racing Engine "without displaying any shortcomings".  Further he said.." in contrast to the Cobra Replica Manufacturers operating in the US and Canada, the AC MKIV uses components of original design & strength, not shelf components such as outdated MG front suspension and Jaguar rear diff. used by the competition." The result was the Autocraft Cobra MKIV. Ford themselves granted AC Autokraft the right to use the "Cobra" name in Europe. It became known in America as the "AC MKIV".  An Engineering Masterpiece it is fully certified for USA use. This car has the following Options offered by AC Ayutokraft: 5-Speed B.W. T-5 Transmission, Wilton Wool Carpets, Knock-off Wheels, Aluminum Hood Scoop, Wind Wings, Oil Cooler, Alpine Radioand 5-Pt.Racing Seat Belts. It was factory painted in 'Graphite Grey' originally. . If you've ever driven a 427 Cobra you can understand the HUGE difference in the small block. More Control, Better Handling and Great Performance all rolled into one Superb Package.