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This beautiful 38 year-old Classic Endloader Funeral Coach comes from it's 1st owner Funeral Home out of Pulaski, Virginia, who took delivery Feb.25, 1975 direct from Miller & Meteor Corporation. Records indicate this Coach might have been used as the Demo for the Funeral Director's Convention or at the M&M Plant. It retains it's original 37,100 miles and shows in exemplary condition. Finished in 'Sable Black' with it's original, mint 'Antiqua Blue' Brocade Upholstery, Black 'Krinkle' Vinyl-Look Roof and the Mahogany Mica Flooring. It is equipped with cold Factory Air Conditioning, Whitewall Tires, Full Wheel Discs (Eldorado-Style), Variable Ratio Power Steering, Automatic Transmission, Dual Comfort Front Seat, Deep Pile Carpeting, Courtesy & Warning Lights, 3-Speed Wipers, Soft Ray Tinted Commercial Glass, Special M&M Side Coach Badging, Electric Windshield Washers, Vanity Mirror, Cigar Lighter, Remote Control Mirrors, the Optional Valance Draperies, Radio Delete, Side & Cornering Lamps, Auto. Parking Brake Release,  Front Center Arm Rest, Dual Power Disc Brakes and 472 cubic inch V8. It retains 90% of it's original paint and still runs and drives like 'new'. Tires are Whitewall Radials, all in excellent condition. Restored with us over the last 7 weeks and Ready for Service     SORRY, SOLD

                               THE STORY                                                    

Despite the fact the 1974 Commercial Chassis did not receive many major alterations, the Miller & Meteor Coaches did receive significant engineering innovations and Extensive Exterior Appearance changes from the previous model year. Outside a bold Egg-crate Grille was flanked by Square Headlights Bezels and large Parking & Directional Signals. The newly restyled rear fenders were capped by a low profile, vertical chrome bumper ends and small side marker lights. The Tail light units were mounted in Oval Shaped Pods. The Cadillac Commercial chassis carried the 157.5 " wheelbase and the 472 c.i. V8 engine. Inside the Instrument panel was completely redesigned as a two-tier affair with a built in clock in the upper portion.  Though these changes were modest they did result in the 1974 as being voted by many to be The Most Attractive of the Early 70's Models. With the Federal Safety Mandate being issued on the new "the big box style" Ambulances Funeral Directors began fazing out the smaller coaches and their Ambulance Services Nationwide in 1973. Hence, the "Combination" Ambulance / Hearse 'Limousine' Models sold poorly while more and more Funeral Directors switched their allegiance to the sales of the popular Landau Style Models. Consequently, Miller & Meteor now offered five different body styles: The "Olympia", "Eterna", "Citation", "Landau Traditional" and the "Classic Limousine" windowed version, which allowed the flower sprays to be seen through the glass. The Landau models were blessed with newly designed Side Shields, Coach Lamps and Name Plates, repositioned on all body styles. According to the factory brochure: The Interiors were "completely restyled to include the lavish use of Upholstered Sidewalls and Landau Interiors, deeply embossed with elegant sculpturing that was both Ultra-modern and Classic in motif. The whole dramatic effect was enhanced by exquisite new wall lamps that were part of the design" (quote: M&M). This deep pattern was reflected on the wheelhouse covers, partitions, doors and landau panels. The Sconce-Type Wall Lamps were added inside along with Luxurious Drapes. Though the 2-piece drapes were still available, the 1970's saw the return of the heavy, swag draperies with deep folds as a popular option. By 1973, the choice of 'dingle ball' Tassels were offered... which, to this day, are loved or hated (some were simply 'snipped' on arrival). Draperies with Valances, as seen on this Coach, were an extra cost option. The floors were available in a wide assortment of carpet, "phenolic" or linoleum coverings that harmonized with the upholstery. Endloaders carried 10 rollers set in Deluxe Chrome Fixtures.

As word leaked that General Motors planned to implement new, shorter wheelbases in the years to come,  Funeral Directors Nationwide kept, or rushed to snap up, the last of the Large Coach Bodies (1974-1976). Hence this Coach was retained and with another Coach available, used sparingly. It was then coveted as a 'keepsake' or collectors item, all these years, by one caring Funeral Home. ALL the records we have researched underwrite the low mileage registered with the State of Virginia during yearly State Inspections and license tag renewals. The mileage is real.

Miller and Meteor continued their policy of building 'all steel' bodies in the effort to increase safety, durability and trade-in value. They had a Gigantic one-piece steel roof that was welded to rugged steel roof-bows. The Floor Posts, Partitions and every part of the custom build was engineered to last.  M&M also Ziebart Rust- Proofed the difficult 'hidden areas' and even padded the Windshield Posts. The Traditional Model carried an Extra-Large Chrome Landau Bow and 'richly embossed" Landau Shield "to accentuate greater privacy and the Regal Character of the car". You could choose from Vinyl Covered Roof or Stipple (Krinkle) Paint. The reason this car lasted 41 years is it was optioned with the Stipple/Krinkle Painted Roof (the optional Vinyl Top often attracted water like a sponge). At this time in Hearse History the Wayne Corporation (Miller & Meteor) was owned as a Indian Head Company.

Only 2,265 Cadillac Commercial Extended Chassis' were built in 1974 and bare in mind, those were split between 4 different Coach Builders. It is written by McPherson that Superior built exactly 1,000 Coaches that year..... that leaves 1265 between 3 other Coach builders (421 each?) Therefore, the fact that one of these even still exist in this condition, with this low mileage, is indicative of the Quality of the Coach Builder, Cadillac , and the caring Owner. It is fantastic shape for 41 years Old! The Classic Cadillac Miller & Meteor "Traditional Landau Model Endloader Hearse. Ready for immediate Service.