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We spend nearly 8-14 hours a day constantly searching for really nice , original Classic Funeral Coaches from Seattle to Az. to Fla. I actually discovered this Funeral Car about 4 years ago but, the owner was 'not user friendly', to say the least.  After 5 repeated tries I finally gave up.  Then, on a whim, I made one last shot and was able to buy the car. This turns out to be one of the Very Nicest Coaches we've ever had the pleasure of being the Caretaker of:

~This 48 year old Funeral Coach is- one of a handful OF '67  Cadillac S&S Landau Endloaders that still exist, especially in this amazing condition~

...a very nice, essentially rust-free, 35,535 mile two-owner car that was always garage kept, undercover. Custom built for a Northern PA. Funeral Home by Hess and Eisenhardt , the colors were carefully chosen in a conservative theme. It is finished in it's original Cadillac color- called "Summit Grey Iridescent" with matching Upholstery in Shades of Gray. The Interior is almost surreal.... in mint, original condition. It retains it's origin Spare Tire and Jack , still in the box and it's original Owners Manual and S&S enclosures. The wheels and tires were replaced by the last owner with restored Cadillac Chrome Spoke Wheels, and Coker WWW Tires however, we've had many folks inquire and ask about mounting the original-period-style Caps & Tires. So, we have purchased a set of new American Classic 1.6 WW Tires, original HD Riveted Hearse Wheels and Full Wheel Disc Caps w/ new Cadillac Emblems in our price. The beautiful incorrect wheels and tires shown will be removed. The mileage is original and incredibly low now at 35,587 with an odometer statement by the 2nd owner. This is a 'Radio Delete' model with all the usual Cadillac Amenities like Power Steering, Power Brakes, Manual Windows, Heater & Defroster, Reflectors, 3-Speed Wipers & Washers, Custom Heavy Chrome S&S Left Hand Rearview Mirror with Remote Control, Cigarette Lighter with Dual Ash Tray (which looks unused), Electric Clock, Cornering Lights, Cabin Lights in the Coffin Chamber & Glove Box, excellent Padded Dash, mint Commercial Glass, AAA Condition working "Exten'd Table" and Seatbelts. We just finished a Super Exquisite Professional Paint in BCCC Glasurit (product alone was $1330 our cost), all new Brakes & Lines, New Drapes (plus original), Air /Temp Control Knobs, Engine Bay Detail, Rust-Proof "Crystaline" Crinkle Top and more . We decided to deliver a 'new' Coach so the motor was completely goe over by Titan Engines.

 Options weren't many on S&S's  but, this Coach carries an optional Cadillac 'Firemist' Color, WW Tires, Crinkle Finish Top, Soft Ray Glass, and, as mentioned: Pull-Out Casket Table.  Built on the Commercial Chassis, with the large Commercial Glass Windows. The body carried the Cadillac redesigned Side Panel Contour created to 'Look Longer' and having a  Lower Appearance. 1967 was the year Cadillac revised the Engine Valve Train and G.M. gave it a new, much improved Carburetor for Better Performance. She carries the 472 c.i. / 340 h.p. V8  w/ Rear-Wheel- Drive and 3-Speed Automatic Transmission. The beautiful Hess & Eisenhardt (Sayers & Scovill ) Models carried the Cycas Palm Leaf Funeral Emblem on the Interior, as well, as the Exterior Panels. This Coach features WWW Tires and Chrome Wire Wheels. Choose from these at $2000 extra or the traditional wheels/tires (new) at this price. The 2 pc. Airline Drapes, seen here, were Standard while the Swag Drapes were optional. Back then, you could choose from the Standard Vinyl Top, or Crinkle Top and then in two different Textures: "Sparkling" or "Crystaline" (Semi-Gloss). It retains the original custom 'Cadillac' logo design rubber mats, which still look 'new'. Priced $429 less then the Crown Version, this model carries the expensive Pull-Out Table, which extends another 28 " out the rear of the Coach. Only an amazing $186 extra when ordered new. Less then 256 of these were ever built, for a grand total of 2,333 for ALL Commercial 158" built by all manufacturers on the Cadillac Chassis. Costing 'NEW' : $12,805 + the few options, would have made it exactly TWICE the cost of the 1967 Cadillac 'Sixty-Special' Sedan.

 $45,950 SOLD

Probably one the Most beautiful Sculptured-Looking Cadillac Hearses of that Period to leave the Blue Ash Rd. assembly line


William A. Sayers grew up during the Civil War in Greenfield, Ohio. His skill and interest in woodworking and carriage design led him to an apprenticeship with Cincinnati Carriage Builder, G.W. Gosling Co. When he returned to Greenfield in the early 1870s, Sayers entered into a partnership with a young bookkeeper named A.R. Scovill and the long history of building custom coaches began. During 1876 the newly formed Sayers and Scovill Co. moved 85 miles southwest to Cincinnati, Ohio and set up their carriage-building business at the corner of 8th St and Sycamore St.  Their production soon exceeded 500 buggies per year happily forcing them to  move to a larger 100,000 sq. ft. plant on Cincinnati's Colerain Ave. in 1887. Here they built what they called their "Young Men's Buggies" and Commercial Wagons, which included a number of attractive Hearses and Invalid Wagons. They are considered one of the oldest Pro car Builder's in America and even built the massive "X-100 Limousine".... a 33" stretch Convertible for the Secret Service  and Ford Motor Co. especially for President John F. Kennedy.

Further Story on Hess & Eisenhardt

This fascinating car gave 'custom' new definition: Hess & Eisenhardt divided the passenger compartment in two with a disappearing glass divider behind the chauffeur's blue leather bench seat. A removable stainless-steel roll-bar was placed above the divider that allowed the President to steady himself if he wished to stand during a parade or public appearance. A pair of jump seats were installed in the rear compartment , as was a hydraulic rear bench seat, that could be raised by 10 1/2" allowing better visibility of the President, even while seated. A blue leather interior with matching Mouton carpeting and gold-embroidered lap robes, incorporating the Presidential Seal, were fitted as well.  Among the 3 special tops were the three-piece "bubble top" Plexiglas roof, a seldom-seen 3-piece convertible top with an oval-shaped rear window and a two-piece Victoria-style hardtop that featured a brushed stainless steel panel over the driver's compartment. An amazing 5,000 feet of wiring was installed to include an elaborate network of communications devices and warning lights that allowed the President to communicate with his Chauffeur and the Secret Service Agents riding in their escort vehicle. A pair of reverse-flow electric fans were even installed behind the radiator in the event that debris from a ticker-tape parade caused the massive car to overheat. Propelled by a standard 300hp Lincoln V8 and equipped with a heavy-duty fuel pump, heavy-duty electrical system, heavy-duty power brakes and power steering, the Secret Service claimed the 21-foot-long vehicle remained maneuverable in spite of its 7,800 lb mass.

Hess was justifiably proud of the finished product and commissioned a local jeweler to make a pair of nameplates for this Coach that read: "Custom Built for the President of the United States by Hess & Eisenhardt Company, Rossmoyne, Cincinnati, Ohio." When he asked Lincoln executives if he could mount his nameplates on the car, they told him ..."that he could mount them anywhere on the car except on the exterior". Frustrated, he got to looking and realized there was a better place for those plates. He mounted them on the rear door jambs just above the locks, so that whenever anyone got into the car, they'd see those fancy nameplates. Word also had it, that the executives at Lincoln had a fit when they heard what he did, and ordered him to remove them, but he reminded them of what they'd told him previously, so the plates supposedly were left in their original location.

Another interesting fact: Hess was even called to Washington to consult with the Warren Commission on an investigation into the death. The X-100's original windscreen, cracked by a bullet from Oswald's rifle, sits on display in the American National archives to this day. Existing pictures show the limousine with its removable formal roof and molded glass ''bubble top", neither of which was used on the day of the assassination as President Kennedy preferred an open-air car. The bubble top was sitting in the  S&S Rossmoyne factory when he was assassinated. For years after, Hess speculated that if the President had been using the bubble top he might not have been killed. Three days after the assassination, the X-100 was returned to the Blue Ash Rd. plant for an extensive $500,000 rebuilding by Hess & Eisenhardt, which included extensive bulletproofing that added a ton to its weight. Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Ford all used the car, which was given updated 1964 Continental sheet-metal while at Hess & Eisenhardt, until it was finally taken out of service and returned to its owner, Ford, in 1977. As was the custom with Presidential Limousines, it was rented to the White House for $500 a year. You can see it in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan along with 3 other Presidential Limousines that were all built by Hess & Eisenhardt.

By 1967, S&S (Hess & Eisenhardt) were designing Top-Of-The-Line Professional Cars including Hearses, Ambulances and Flower Cars. This beautiful coach bespeaks the Quiet Elegance of the Funeral Directors standing in the Community. It was deliberately designed to reflect the stature of the Funeral Home, the dignity of the FD's position and the Integrity of his business. Buying a S&S was always considered 'Good Business"  as it represented a Sound Capitol Investment, designed as Pure Function and Engineered as the 'most useable' car he could own. One of the trademark features on all S&S Coaches was the 'Triangle of Chrome' on the Hood yet, it was dropped for 2-3 years during this production. Cadillac's hood crest and distinctive fender script appeared and has also been retained on all S&S coaches many times accompanied by the S&S badge on the wheel covers. In the old days, covert date 'hash' marks used to appear to designate what year the Coach was but, S&S hubcaps remained through the 70's and later.  The fact this coach lasted over 47 years and still stands in this Regal State is testimony to it's quality. Now in light restoration to receive a new restored Top, all New Brakes, Engine Detail, New Paint and Mechanical Upgrade.


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The Original Owner's Funeral Home



            FIRST VERSION OF HESS & EISENHARDT LIMO X-100                                                                                                               X-1OO LIMO WITH HARDTOP IN POSITION                                        COLORIZED VERSION OF PRESIDENTIAL LIMO W/ S. SERVICE BARS            

The motorcade of President Kennedy.

                                                                                          THE KENNEDY'S ENROUTE / DALLAS 1963 IN THE HESS & EISENHARDT X-100 LIMOUSINE