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This Beautiful Hearse SOLD  immediately  to  a Funeral Home in NJ.


This Hearse is a older restoration that we will be re-doing. It can be purchased now as we start, in progress or when finished, depending when you called. It’s original color is 'Ebony Black' with Silver Gray Leather and Brocade Interior. It hailed from Kansas where it saw service exclusively as a Funeral Coach, despite it’s original construction to serve both functions as a Combination Model. This model is the most prevalent but, usually the most abused as they were "ridden hard and put way wet". It carries the factory Reversible Floor Rollers and Attendant or Jump seats, Factory Air Conditioning (first year for the G.M. Climate Control version) Hydramatic Automatic Transmission, Power Steering and Power H.D. Brakes. It is equipped with the factory 'Signal Seeking' AM Radio and Power Antenna (unusually optioned, as most early Hearses were void of any radio). It shows only 66,536 miles on the odometer and the condition matches. We were told it underwent a restoration by a Funeral Home owner starting in 2009 which included full engine Rebuild, Transmission Overhaul, re-Chrome of the front bumper, re-Paint, and new Front Seat Leather. The rear compartment could only be described as almost ‘mint’. This coach was nearly VOID of any sig. rust including the floors (front replaced) and the frame, as shown, is excellent, primarily because it was kept indoors. Even the orig. Commercial Glass and seals have remained intact. This Coach was always Black and the Interior always Gray ( so, no color change). The Tires are near new with the correct 1.6 Whitewall. Orig. Hubcaps Caps cover the factory large rivet H.D. Wheels and the Headliner is good. The Dash and Steering Wheel are excellent, un-cracked, not often seen in a 50 yr. old Coach. This alone testifies to it’s garaged good life.  It carries the orig. 429 cubic inch V8 w/ 340 hp which history shows it was greatly improved by Cadillac over the 390 for performance & function. This Coach will go through our individual item restoration process (not frame-off) and be made ready for ‘service’ or your front line Fleet. Many of our buyers have participated in the restoration process and used their coaches for DRIVEWAY display or active use and have garnished more business. We have had many requests for the '64 model so, we don't expect this one to last long. P.O.R.

This unit cost $10,885 new (which was double the price of a 1964 6200 Series 6 Window Sedan) and is numbered #558 out of 630 built of this model by Superior Coach Works ( Ohio) that year. Cadillac stamped the build tag as 64-6890= 156” wheelbase, (256” length, nearly 22’ long) professional Commercial Chassis. Cadillac Motor Cars only manufactured 2,537 Commercial Chassis total this year for ALL the GM Coach Builders so, given it’s age and service, you are looking at a very limited, Custom Built automobile. Photo’s shown here now were taken after our restoration.   SOLD to a FUNERAL HOME IN N.J.

 The Story:

Production/sales were up for Superior Coach Co. in 1964 from 1963 but, only by 7 Pro Cars…though it is written in the McPherson Books that they ended with ''49' more orders". This body style (604C) would be the Most popular, outselling the next model, the Endloader by about triple. Superior boasted 4 different Models from the richly trimmed ‘Royale Series’ to the ‘Crown Royal’ with the chrome halo top trim to the ‘Sovereign Model’ to the over-the-top, impossible to find Premium luxury model, the ‘Crown Sovereign’ with extra embellishments  & full Mohair Interior in the Casket Chamber. The Royale models carried the beautiful wrap-around rear windows while the Sovereigns carried the closed quarters and Limousine-like backdoor window.  Top of the line would be the ‘Coupe DeFleur Flower Car’ at $11,100.00 (31 were sold that year). The Ambulances Superior made came in two versions: the ‘Royale’ w/ 42” headroom model and ‘Royale Rescuer’ with 50” headroom which actually was even more expensive at $12,013. Each Coach came with a full-factory warranty. Of the 1,223 Cadillac Pro Cars built that year by Superior only 247 were straight end-loading Funeral Coaches. Floors would be covered by either Carpeting or the “Phenolic” Marble like ours or Woodgrain finishes. Since each Coach was literally Custom Made for the “FD”or Mortuary, they could vary in Exterior color to Interior style with a myriad of combinations to suit the individual 's taste.

The revised grille for 1964 Cadillac thrust out in the center so, collector’s can always spot that model by a wide divider Grille Bar painted to match the body color. That familiar 'Eggcrate Grille' reappeared with a bold ‘Cadillac” script. The Parking Lights, Turn Signals and Cornering Lights disappeared behind a fine textured extension of the grille bars while the Cadillac Tail-light FINS grew smaller and were the last to be seen. Every Superior Combination Coach and Ambulance model received a smart, convenient dash mounted Control Pod which was Standard Equipment. The Rear Bumpers were all custom made and held the license tag so, the rear door could be void of any embellishment, conservative and smooth (except on the fancy Crown model- that recvd. it’s own 2 ½ foot long Crown). The White Sidewall Tires, Chrome Rocker Moldings, Chrome Top Moldings, Crown Badging and Chrome Plated Slanted Vertical Louvers that adorned the sail panels were seen as an option. This Cadillac Funeral Coach will always have a special place in the heart of Collectors with it’s specially designed rear quarter windows and because... this is the Very Last Finned Cadillac…. ending 16 years of flamboyant styling.