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                                                                    ~ PHOTOS ABOVE WERE TAKEN AS THE COACH LEFT FOR DELIVERY~                                                                  





We just resold this fabulous Coach after a unscheduled 'Family change' in Missouri to large Mortuary Corporation in CA.

 It is One of only 582 Combination Hearses built in 1963 by Superior Motor Coach. However, the 582 figure was diced up into 6 different versions 'Royale', 'Crown Royale' (seen here), 'Crown Brougham', 'Sovereign Landaulet', 'Crown Sovereign Landaulet', & 'Sovereign Combination' (the Combination model comprised 50% of Superiors entire production, clearly it's Most Popular Model).
We were told, it was originally delivered to a Funeral Home in Joplin, Missouri where it spent nearly it's entire life. We brought the car back to FL. in an enclosed transport and then placed it in restoration. Most folks would term this car a "Survivor" as it has very strong 'bones' for 48+ years old, as it was stored indoors almost it's entire life.
It is finished in it's original color of 'Sable 9248' Black / Blue Leather Interior w/ White Piping  and it carries the Embroidered "Crown" Headliner and 2-Tone Interior Side Panels w/ Crown embellishments, only available on Superior's fanciest model. It was placed in a complete restoration for 'front line use' (not 100 pt. concours) so, the buyer could choose how far the resto. went depending on one's budget. You can tell, by the photo's taken after Phase One of our restoration (bottom of page) , it was poised to become a very good Coach.
This Model Design is quoted in all the Funeral Car books as being..
"...perfectly displaying the Regal Splendor and Elegance of the Funeral Industry". It is the very rare, seldom seen, still existing in this condition, Combination Hearse/Ambulance which, of course, allows one to load / unload the casket from the rear and access from the Suicide Doors on the sides for the Church Truck or Spare Tire. It was not uncommon, prior to 1973, to see a Funeral Home in the Emergency Transport (Ambulance) Business as the local Funeral Home often served both functions. What we have witnessed is that, since it was a Top Production Model, many Coachbuilders built an overflow of their Most Popular 'Combination' Model so that the FD's could get
immediate delivery .... even if they only intended to use it for Funeral Services. Then again, there would be times when this model was left at the end of the calendar year and the left-over Combination Coaches were sold as Funeral Coaches onl
y (non-ambulance duty). This coach even came equipped with custom (screw-down) factory built-in Funeral flag staffs for the front bumpers, obviously not needed for Ambulance Duty. We have now installed a full set of Casket Rollers, Floor Deflector Bier Pin Supports & Matching Carpet, where this Coach was orig. equipped from the factory with the flat floor entirely in Linoleum.

It is also equipped with the following Optional Equipment by
Superior :

Superior Option #116 Rear Grab Handle
, #25122 Front Tinted Windshield, #509 Outside Passenger Mirror, #85 Gas Tank Door Chrome Bezel, #778 Deluxe Armrest, #124 Headliner in light Silver, #145 Rear Cabin Embellishments, #227 Air Conditioning; Front/Rear, #358 Cot Fastener (MIA), and Superior Motive Medallion Assy. both sides of Exterior.    
As stated, it is equipped with the seldom seen Factory Air Conditioning and Full Leather Interior, plus the usual Commercial Glass.  Plus, Wide-White-Wall Radial Tires, Leather Jump Seats, Clock, Siren /Lights Control Module, as well as a  'radio delete'. Then, it would carry all the usual Cadillac trappings like Power Steering, Power Brakes, Automatic Transmission, Back-Up Lights,  Windshield Washers, Dual Speed Wipers, Oil Filter, Cornering Lights, Fender Top Signal Indicators, etc. This Crown model featured the Chrome 'Crown' Band surrounding the perimeter of the Casket Chamber on the exterior , as well as, even fancier Deluxe Interior, extra Superior Crown Badging on the Doors and chrome embellishments. The original headliner is  embroidered with a Gold Crown, only offered on the Super Deluxe Models. It retains a mint Steering Wheel and exc. Dashboard. The "Crown" versions are the hardest to access as they are, not only the Most Expensive "Deluxe" Models but, are generally coveted by the few owners that are lucky enough to still have them.
This, and the Crown Sovereign Brougham, were Superior Coach Companies
Most Prestigious, Expensive and Beautiful Model's of the Mid-Sixties . It carries a lot of extra Chrome Trim at the exterior of the hearse, as well as, the extra wide Chrome Rocker Molding and trailing fender Skirt Embellishments.  It features the popular 3 -piece rear window that was designed with the same basic body shell as the Coaches introduced by Superior, according to McPherson's Funeral Coach book in 1961, except that it featured a new 3-piece rear bumper, gas door chrome surround and re-styled rear door skin w/ simple Embellishments. This was the first of the new Factory fiberglass fender inserts, Factory fitted on both sides of the rear door, which not only saved weight but, eliminated well-known, potential rust problems.
Prices for the Combination Models started at $10,316, with this version costing $11,169 (+ aforementioned options).  The Inflation Conversion 1963 to 2015 is $86,183.44 today! (using the 671.6% posted rate).  This coach has mileage showing and (averaging 1,135 miles per year). Born in Ohio but, having spent it's life in Missouri, where it was garaged most of it's life- it has now seen a full restoration & respray in Glasurit , Mechanical update, ALL New Carpets, A.C. System Refurbished ( not rebuilt), Replacement of 4 new Tires, Complete Refurbishment of Coffin Chamber including new Drapery Rods ,  Replacement of the Lenses in the L./R Bumper Tail Light, Add some new Chrome and more. The top of the back bumper is blushed but, glass has been replaced in two windows and a new gas tank installed.

A true classic and...... the Last of the 63-64 Series "Finned" Hearses designed & built in the Sixties.
F.D.'s from all over the Country are booking "preemies" just from parking these Antique Coaches out front of their Funeral Homes and, then charging $300-1000 for the use of a Classic Coach in the Service. We have been told by many of our Clients that customers have responded with enthusiasm to the idea of "the last ride" in a Classic Hearse.

Since this listing was first posted we have now completed : A Full Body & Paint update, Dr. 'Dent' Removal vs. body work, Complete Undercarriage Restoration using 'Ospho' & then painted Frame Black (not covered in gobs of undercoating), Glass Tint Removal on all rear windows, Refurbished or Replaced the Entire Rear Casket Chamber Interior, Cut & stitch-in new Leather and Piping on Front Seat & Restored existing Leather,  including Armrests, added NOS Cadillac 'Crested' [rare Factory] Rubber Mats ($276), Engine Cavity Clean Up & Restore, replaced Air Cleaner with correct Original-Style, Install new Casket Rollers/Bier Pins/ Casket Stops, Restored the Exterior & Interior Badging, Polishing /restoring most of the interior Stainless Steel including (5) Inside Step Plates, Dash Face Restoration, and adding a new Commercial Battery. Additionally; We have now, at the customers option, completed a Transmission Rebuild, Designed, cut and Built Drapery Rods (all were missing), shopped & supplied yds. of Lycra Silver Thread Drapery, Numerous Shipping Charges, Motor was reported rebuilt (tested) Tuned and replaced the Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, Engine Mounts replaced the after-market Edelbrock Carb with a OEM Cadillac Rochester (2x-noting: not every Chicago Carb. shop is any 'good') + carb linkage, then rebuilt it again to perfection by Daytona Carburetor Corp. , 2 Fuel Filters , new Fuel Gauge Sending Unit, numerous Rollback Transport Charges, new Steering Gearbox, Rebuild both Tail-lights, Replaced most Door/Window Handles, replaced the new Cadillac Standard Drum Brakes with Sintered Metallic Brakes on all 4 corners + 2-new Finned Kelsey-Hayes Rear Drums, new Brake Booster, new Power Steering Pump, replaced (2) damaged Tempered Commercial Glass Windows with new, partial Electrical Wiring refurb./ update, Flag Stanchion update, Window Tracks on Drivers Side , replaced some Windlace, Complete rebuild of Drivers Rear Window working mechanism, new 'correct' Side Mirror,  Restore small sections of Drivers Cockpit Headliner, N.O.S. Commercial Gas tank/Fuel Line Restoration w/ rear mount Heavy-Duty Gas Filter, replace the Muffler with a Quieter Exhaust, New Hood Pads, Custom made Casket Rug for backdoor and Spare Tire Cover, Replaced Nylon Bias Ply w/(4) new "T-6" Radial Tires+ Installation & Balance,  Restored the Hubcaps/Badges & Final Detail/Polish.
 Our previous buyer was always involved picking & choosing options and in the final restoration cost. In fact, he recently was responsible for adding  a new "Commercial" fuel tank and fuel enhancements featuring to make a perfect driving Coach. (list updated 8/16)


This 'COMBINATION/ CROWN Model ' may be one of our Very Most Popular Coaches, Ever !!