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Not unlike S&S (Hess & Eisenhardt), The Eureka Company had been in business building Custom Made Buggies, Coaches, Hearses and Ambulances since the late 1800's (1871 to be exact) from Rock Falls, Il. and were the Very First to build the 3-Way Hearse Casket table in 1925, not to mention the First to offer Whitewall Tires and Chrome Spoke Wheels, as an option. By 1935, they had switched by off-brands like  to building exclusively on Buick, Oldsmobile, LaSalle and Cadillac Chassis. By 1946, Eureka offered the Most Expensive Coach on the market for their Electric 3-Way Side Servicing Hearse at $6,465, which was more then twice the cost of any other Coachbuilder. By 1964, Eureka decided they couldn't re-tool again for yet another bodystyle change so, they elected to close their doors for good (well almost, they were bought out later by a Canadian firm that then morphed into yet another and another (via Tom McPherson). Acquired by Accubilt Inc. in 2000, it was then purchased by Armbruster Stageway in 2017, it's not clear, now, who owns the name. So, the legend continues.

1962 is a pivotal year for Eureka as this was the Last of the Graceful Curves in Body Design, by 1963 "Angular Design" (Square boxes) started to take over the drawing boards and this beautiful Work of Art became a part of history. All Coaches were Custom Crafted "to fulfill the requirements and demands of the Funeral Industry to Perfection". This model, known as the "Landau", was considered the aristocrat of Funeral Coaches, only one step down from the Side-Loader Model. It featured a rugged ALL Steel Body & Frame coined the "Circle of Steel". Each carried a exclusive Underbody Frame designed with "Tank-Like ruggedness" to eliminate body twisting and prevent road vibration. Even the roof frame was built with steel channels running lengthwise in 16-guage steel. As were the door hinge posts and body pillars- super sturdy construction neccessary for long-term operation. They bragged on their hardware being Solid Bronze, Triple Plated "for Enduring Beauty". All Coaches carried a Remote Outside Mirror as Standard Equipment and Undercoating to ensure long life. Eureka even touted their Interiors as 'Inspirational and Comforting with a Air of Elegance". So, they weren't shy about puffing. All units carried Full Commercial Glass with "Full Vision Styling". They offered your choice on three Versions including Power or Manual operating Side Service, Rear Service or the "ever-increasing popular" Rearway Combination ( a slide-out table extension) that made coffin departure easier. This particular Coach has that unique option.

The frame was the World's Only chassis designed, engineered and built expressly for Professional Cars. The Extended dimensions in a Tubular Center X- Frame would provide Maximum Rigidity. The 390 V8 developed 300 h.p. through a 4- Speed Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission to RWD and 4v carb. 12" Duo-Serve Brakes with Finned Aluminum Kelsey-Hayes Brake Drums gave you the power to stop 5400 pounds in 259 square inches of brake area. Power Steering was Standard at a 18.2 ratio while it carried a single exhaust with resonator, all made of heavy gauge steel. Tires were 8.90 x 15" and a 55 ampere Generating System. Length floats in a 250.3 inches on a 156 in. wheelbase. Height was 67 " and Width 81/3/4". 

Total production for 1962 production Cadillac's was 160,840 (nearly 23,000 MORE then 1961) but, only 2280 Professional Coaches were built on the Cadillac Extended Chassis for ALL Coachbuilders. Incredibly, 92.8% of all Cadillacs had Power Windows and 59.4% had Air Conditioning. But, surprisingly very, very few Professional Coaches had either, as they were void of ostentatious display, seen as conservative "Service Vehicles".


This beauty is a two-owner Funeral Coach that has all the appearances of the posted 36,082 miles (motor test, steering wheel, lack of pedal wear, mint dash etc). Finished in Mason's Black with Black/ White Full Leather Upholstery. It is equipped, as mentioned, with the Optional Slide-Out Table Extension and AM Radio (works). Plus, near new Whitewall Tires grace the Full Cadillac Hubcap Disc's, hidden by stylish Fender Skirts. It still has it's orig. full Rubber Flooring in the Front Drivers Area and Black Mica Deck in the Coffin Chamber. Windows are windup and all the Commercial Glass is in Excellent condition. Both Interior Coach Sconce Lights are missing the Glass covers but, I was able to find 2 - 12v Chrome/Stainless units to replace them. One endearing feature is Front Cornering Lights, as Standard equipment. I will be putting this through one of our restorations but, have to tell you (after selling almost 30) it's getting harder to find the Finned Coaches in this exemplary condition. What is seen here is actually the car as it arrived off the enclosed transport (un-detailed or restored). Like all Cadillac's of the era it has: Power Steering & Power Brakes, Automatic Transmission, Dual Back-Up Lights, Windshield Washer with Dual Speed Wipers, Full Wheel Discs, Fender Skirts, Oil Filter and Heater. The Dash and Steering Wheel are mint as is the Headliner. All chrome is very nice with minimal body rust and rocker sail panel corrosion. This will make an outstanding addition to any frontline Funeral display. Since the photo's were taken, I had the Bridge-of-Weir Leather completely refurbished, 'Commercial Brakes' done including the rare 'Commercial' Master Cylinder ($700, labor invoice $1100), Motor tested & tuned/Completely Detailed, and Dr. Dent employed. Orig. Drapes were custom re-made in Mica Gray (done but,not displayed). To be frontline ready I would suggest having it painted and bodywork completed. All mine have sold to Mortuaries, Funeral Homes, Cemeteries & Private Collectors for $48500-$155,000 and are used In Service Daily. You can buy this Coach now for final restoration at $44500.....FIRM

or choose to wait until it's painted and repriced. Sorry ,  SOLD- "As Is"- SOLD

All facts from: & original Factory Brochure by Eureka Co.