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This is one of those lucky instances when someone drives up to the Museum for a visit to 'check us out', you walk out to the parking lot, and are flattened by One of The Nicest '62 Vette's I Have Ever Seen in my 28 years in business. After a review of 3 Hardback Binders of receipts (starting at $61,177.39) I just had to add it to our unique Museum display and Classic Car Sale Collection. This drop dead beauty is a total frame-off build done to the Highest Standards possible. So, if you're looking to steal one or a 'cheap Deal'..... this is probably not going to be your car. This is the best dollar for dollar value advertised.

The 1962 Corvette body-style is one of the Most Desirable and sought after as it was, up to that point, by far, the "Cleanest Style' yet. It would be the Last of the "Classic" Corvette bodied cars issued.  All had external trunks and Solid Rear Axles as opposed to the Independent Suspension and 'No Trunk' of the later cars. ( Amazing when you think about it, as all those Golfer's were left out in the cold without a place to stash those Clubs). The suspension was generic to the time and gave those Corvette's a special "feel" that would never be experienced again. Though some 'fact books' disagree, the two-tone Cove Color option was officially dropped and the 283 cubic inch V8 replaced by the unbeatable 327 V8. This made the '62 a fierce competitor....and, the best yet, in the Corvette Evolution. The introduction of the '62 Corvette marked the End of an Era for the American Sportscar while this NEW DESIGN, with it's 'new' engine, bridged the gap between the Old Style and the already-on-the-drawing boards, '63 Sting Ray.  It gained a single Chrome Vent on the sides with Ribbed Rocker Panels, losing the Chrome Cove Trim. It had a much more 'Conservative Look' then it's predecessor. This car saw production in March as #8081 of 14,451 total units. An immeditate hit, it was very popular and sales increased about 40% over the previous year.  The '62 Corvette was not only faster, handled way better, and was 'neater' in appearance but, was significantly More Modern. Yet, it retained the early "Roadster Concept".  It would be the Last of the Corvette's with an opening trunk until the Glass Hatch 'Collector Edition' in 1982. Chevrolet offered it with 19 options and 3 different Engine Options starting with the base V8 250hp. You could also get a 300hp V8, a 340hp Solid Lifter Carbureted version, or 360 hp Rochester Fuel Injection unit. Seven colors were on the pallot yet, a few were painted by the factory in Cadillac's 'Royal Heather' (purple), Records also show, at least a handful were painted Omaha Tangerine, for the Shriner's 'Corvette Patrol' Parade cars.

What's interesting about the Corvette was is was initially developed by the GM Racing Program. A car that Chevrolet (GM) could test the parts and then use the results to develop it into a real true Sportscar. Remember competition was Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc.. So, each time one was issued - it was really TWO in ONE. One for track racing and the other for the consumer. When GM mandated -"No More Racing in 1957". The car had to be homologated into one car for both functions. By 1962, this model best fit that dual-purpose assignment and it ended with a fierce racing history. The effect started really showing up by the 1959 models  and was felt strongly by 1961. For instance, Aluminum Radiator's. Only the Duntov Cam ( Hi-Horse) motors originally got them prior to 1961. The '61 also got a Temperature Controlled Fan and Aluminum Case Transmission.  By '62 , even the Powerglide got a alum. box. The rear-end style was literally grafted from the drawing board of the Stingray onto the rear clip of the 61-62. The extra bonus on this model was the extended trunk storage. At the time, it was met with mixed reviews ..... today, it's considered a Masterpiece.  That 4-tail-light assembly also became a future trademark. The final Coup 'd gras was a minor one. Those big whitewall tires shrunk to Narrow Wall Tires and that gave a completely different appearance, coupled with the single body color..... it complimented the 'new look'.   

A quick recap of this car: There's 3 huge books of receipts as thousands of dollars were spent (for starters; $61,177.39 for mostly parts) to reach not only 'driving perfection' on this car but, lasting beauty:

From the Plastic Media Blasted Body to Paint, down to the frame, only 6,000 miles on the Built Full Billet 350 Chevy V8 w/ Custom Serpentine Drive System, Edelbrock Performer Intake, Mallory Transistor Ignition, 700R Automatic Transmission w/ Lokar Shifter, Master Power Disc Brakes, Fiberglas Rear Spring, Full Al Knoch Leather Interior (incl. $1632 Knoch rebuild of seats that are now HEATED / MASSAGE EQUIPPED), 'Vintage Air' Conditioning, Aluminum Radiator, New Fuel Tank, LED Interior Lighting, Electric Limited Wiring Harness, Power Windows, Al Knoch Soft Top & Floor Mats, new Glass, even period correct Cragar Chrome Mags. The List is too comprehensive to even type.  Every detail down to Wheel Alignment, and Valley Corvette Stereo/CD. She's finished in Epoxy Primer and Painted in Acrylic Polyurethane Rolls-Royce "Caribbean Blue". It comes with a Hardtop in the Matching Color and newly Polished Stainless trim. Tires are Yokahama w/ an orig. Spare. If you should decide to go back to the Stock Wheel-Look, the Original 15x 5.5" black Corvette Wheels are available (actually a original 'option' in 1962). I have three huge Hardback Albums with comprehensive jpg photo's of the restoration, a boatload of receipts and printed matter relating to the Over-The-Top restoration of this exclusive car and proving it's remarkable build.....all go with the sale. If you are looking for a Vintage Corvette you can DRIVE and ENJOY......Don't let this car be a "Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda".

You found your dream car @... $109,000 which is under current Book Value NADA Classic Car Guide.