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     1962  CHEVROLET BEL AIR 409/425 2DR SEDAN    

If you're young enough to remember the Beach Boy's singing "She's so fine, my 409" , then you may have a penchant for this great Chevrolet. Put enough hours at the pump as a Gas Jockey, or bagging groceries at the local Food Market and you might have achieved the lyric's..."....Gonna save my pennies and save my dimes, Gonna buy me a 409, 409". That was.... IF the franchised Chevrolet Dealer would even consider SELLING you the car as a 'kid'. It was also unlikely the Insurance Companies were going to write a policy due to age restrictions / driving record but, a few Dad's underwrote the effort and "Junior" was soon out in a few weeks  burning rubber on the road. Believe it or not, a 409 V8 could actually be ordered in ANY Model Chervolet..... however, only a few  Station Wagons got them. Most folks ordered the 'Bubbletop" version so, few  Bel Air 2Dr Sedans exist built by the factory with that option.
Quarter Mile times were often seen of 115+ mph and there were very few Contenders that could beat the 409 on the Street or Track.  Names like "Dyno Don Nicholson", "Dave Stickler", "Butch Teal" and "Hayden Profitt" stole the show at local Drag Tracks around the Country. NASCAR scored 14 wins alone in 1962 with '409' powered Chevys. Some carried Chevrolet's Heavy Duty Suspesion Package with Sintered Metallic Brakes. Those required  being 'cooked' ('heating up' ) too properly function. So, one's built without the HD Suspension would be the reason why many ''409's'' ended up in a ditch or wrapped around a wooden Utility pole. This is one of those sought after Muscle Car Classic's you wish they made more of , as so few exist.
Chevrolet year-end production for 1962 was an amazing 1,424,000 total vehicles but, only (approx.) 166,000
Chevy Bel Air's were built (excluding Station Wagons). The only printed proven stats released for 1962 have Chevrolet building 15,019 cars with the famous 409 cubic inch engine installed.  

Generally, if you wanted the super light body for racing you chose the bare bones Biscayne 2 dr. body-style. If you wanted 'frills' you ordered the Mid-Priced version, the Bel Air Model. That body offered all the Biscayne features plus extra quality interior components like full foam front & rear seats, color keyed carpet, luggage compartment mat and a different steering wheel hub. Stock Interiors were actually higher grade Cloth and Vinyl combinations. While the Impala got the full-vinyl seat covering and SS Bucket Seats, for the first time, in 1962 (not 1961 as many we get here, at the Museum, think). The Bel Air body carried full length, wide stainless moldings and the Bel Air script on the fenders. They also carried a bright metal rain gutter cap. Four tail lights were seen at the rear with a bright metal molding, which added a distinctive touch to the rear clip. 
The other option for bodystyles would have been the Bel Air Sport Coupe, which became known as "the Bubbletop".  Due to the weight difference and aerodynamic's it is now prefered by collector's over the more expensive (at the time) more sculptured 'Convertible Top-Style' Impala Model. Engines varied from a Six cylinder 235 cubic inch Six Cylinder, 327/250 hp 2v V8, a 327/300 4v V8, the base 409/380hp 4v with 11:01-1 Compression, to the coveted 409/409hp, 420lbs torque & Solid lifters. By 1963, the 409 'ponies' rose to 425hp. I should mention, we'd be remiss not to mention a handful of Special 427/versions of the 407 with 430hp.(Z-11 race engine) were built. These are ultra rare and can only be found only in places like Severville, TN. at
 Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum'.
This 1962 Bel Air 2 Door Sedan is a fairly recent frame-off restoration, a Dreamcar Tribute with upgraded "X" Code 409/425hp Dual 4v carbs with Dual Snorkel Air-Cleaner, and what would have been the optional 4-speed Synchro Gearbox. It is finished in Tuxedo Black with Custom Black Vinyl Bench Seats with Red Argent Accents. It is equipped with the original Dogdish Hubcaps, SunTach, Wider 'Smoothie' Style Wheels, Black-Wall Tires, Positraction Rear-end, original AM Radio. This car that has been recreated to match what certainly would be a
'Barnstormer Muscle Car/ Street Racer'. Brutally Fast and Built for a Need for Speed. The kind of car you would have seen at the Drive-In's and Race tracks, collecting lot's of ca$h in Street Races. Checking the competition in the Market, we see '62 Bel Air Post Sedan's priced from $73,000 for the 409 version down to $28,495 with a small block Non-original motor (350). Most all had automatic tranmissions, not a 4-speed. The Paint on this car is Award Winning, the Mechanical is stunning and the Interior awe-inspiring. This was an expensive build.
One thing is guaranteed; all they will 'see' is your  O O tail lights OO  in their smoke-filled, tear laden eyes.

Priced to sell at $45,750