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We have been searching for an Eldorado Coupe for 6 years but, each time fate would intervene and another admirer beat us to the punch. Finally we captured this beauty about 4 years ago for Museum display. This is not just the "Holy Grail of All Cadillac's" but, "The Crown Jewel" or the "Holy Hand Grenade" / Ultimate 'YANK TANK' that blows all of the Standard issue Cadillac's out of the box. It is the Cadillac Eldorado Seville Sport Coupe.  To put it into perspective: if you thought the Eldorado Biarritz Convertibles were "rare" ( 1,320 made).. for the same price 'new' you could have had the Eldorado "Seville" Sport Coupe (only 975 built)!  This beauty is finished in the year's most popular color "Persian Sand" with excellent White Vinyl Top and corresponding Pink & Mauve original Leather Interior. Both Convertible and Sport Coupe posted window stickers at $7401 plus options ($8451 as seen). That was the cost of more than THREE 1959 Chevrolet Impala's (@$2,717 each). There weren't a lot of options that year as many items came as 'Standard Equipment'. [Reference: actual '59 Showroom Brochures, '59 Cadillac Accessories Catalog & the Standard Guide to Cadillac Book].  Those STANDARD Features were: the exclusive Eldorado (stainless) Beltline Side Chrome, a Vinyl Top (yes, vinyl top), 390/ 345 h.p.V8 w/ Triple carburetion (3-2's), Automatic Transmission, Air Suspension ( which was replaced on most by dealer recall), Electric Door Locks,  Two-Way Power Seat, Electric Windows, Remote Trunk Release, Heater, Signal Seeking AM Radio w/ Automatic Antenna & One Speaker, Wide Whitewall Tires, Foglamps, 3:21 Rear Differential, "Special " Unique Hubcaps, and Fender Skirts. Plus, they also had as Standard Equipment; Power Brakes, Power Steering, 2-Speed Windshield Washers, Vanity Mirror One Drivers Side Rearview Mirror, and Dual Back-Up Lights. Incidentally, Bucket seats were an option but, AT NO COST EXTRA! (only 99 of those made the cut). OPTIONAL Accessories were: Power vent Windows, Air Conditioning, Radio Foot Control, Autronic Eye [headlamp beam control], Passenger Door Rearview Mirror, Seatbelts, Mats,Spare Tire Cover, SIX-way Power Seats, License Plate frames, and Power vent Windows - "Persian Sand" was a Special Order Color. ALL of which this Eldorado carries!  The only thing it lacks was the problematic Cruise control, and 2nd Rear Seat Speaker.

 This car came out of Ojai, California ( original Black California Plates w/car) and sat in a private collection for over 27 years with the 2nd owner in Detroit or, at his Ft. Lauderdale, FL. home.  The caring owner lavished this car in 'whatever it needed' and even took an annual trip from his home to visit N.Y. every year since his purchase. "Investment Grade", in #2 Cond.: 1st QUARTER N.A.D.A Collectible Guide has placed this car w/ documentation at over $120,000. We have dedicated this car for display in our Museum in memory of the legend of the late, great 'Elvis Presley'

The name "Eldorado" is derived from the Spanish word's "gilded one" and was given to the Legendary Chief of a South American Indian Tribe. That Legend had it, his followers would sprinkle his body with Gold on ceremonial occasions and he would wash it off by diving into a crystal blue lake. Cadillac Motor Cars chose this name first- dubbing a Special Model Cadillac Convertible "Eldorado" in 1953 . They even gave one, to then, President of The United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower as a gift. Made in limited numbers, only 532 were built that first year. Today, no single automobile in history characterizes the Industries late 50's Flamboyance, Unsophisticated Innocence, Homage to 'The Way It Was', and Good Old Fashioned American Spirit,  like a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado. This car depicts the height of Rock 'n Roll, Poodle Skirts, Space Ships, Hula Hoops and Color TV- all rolled into one car. It's ultra-large tailfins, Twin Bullet tail lamps, jewel-like grille (front & rear) and two Different Model Rooflines immediately made a Milestone Automotive icon- unmatched for life. We think the Coupe is clearly better looking then the iconic Convertible Eldorado!
Cadillac offered 15 Standard Colors: Ebony Black, Georgian Blue, Kensington Green, Dover White, Dunstan Blue, Gotham Gold (actually yellow),  Silver, Vegas Turquoise, Beaumont Beige, London Grey, Pinhurst green, Woodrose Poly (Pinkish Tan), Breton Blue, Inverness Green and Seminole Red. But, the Eldorado's (only) had FIVE Additional Exclusive Colors: Olympic White, Argent Silver, Argyle Blue, Hampton Green and Persian Sand. "Persian Sand" remains the most memorable, most desirable color.
Despite the fact Cadillac built 142,272 cars in 1959 only 1,320 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible's and 975 'Seville' Coupes were built. There is some confusion in the books about who designed the Eldorado with one book claiming Pininfarina of Italy ( designer of Ferrari's) having a hand in the design but, I think the author is confusing the Brougham with the 'other' models clearly designed by Cadillac. The other 'Story' is that Cadillac's were built in 1959 all around a Buick Door.  From the research I have done- this is TRUE. This was the year GM had decided to try and pinch pennies buy sharing common parts with the other models in the C-Body Line. This was a tough directive as the door tapered downward as it swept to the rear. The Cadillac design team worked tirelessly meeting that requirement but, the result is undeniably gratifying as it causes your eye to follow the fender line right to those huge fins. Turns out the design team was disenchanted (big-time) with the 1958 Eldorado and set out to 'out-do' the folks at Chrysler , with their flamboyant fins, and the Lincoln Continental with it's over-the-top Elegance. Gone were the days of Applying Chrome with a Trowel- The 1959 Cadillac, though bodacious, was decidedly more sanitary.

False Myths Associated with the 1959 Cadillac:

1st Myth: "That they are over 22 feet long": Only the Commercial Class extended Chassis (Hearses and Ambulances) approach 22'. The 75 Series Limousines had a 244.8" wheelbase (20'8") and all others carried 225 inches (18.75')
Myth: "1959 Cadillac's were Performance Pigs" ( slow moving, hard to maneuver and they suck gas). Actually, the Eldo's are surprisingly agile, get 8-14 mpg, do 0-60 mph in 10.5 sec. , weigh in at 4,855 lbs (Coupe) and 5,060lbs (Convertible) and have a top speed of 120-125mph. The downside is they have turning radius of 24'.
3rd Myth: "The Outrageous design is by Harley Earl" (The Father of Modern Automotive Design): Turns out Harley Earl was on extended leave (vacation) in Europe when the 1959 Cadillac plans were hatched. The real creator was Bill Mitchell (Earl's " Boy Wonder"), Ed Glowacke; head of GM Design, and David Hols (top designer) who sought out a way to depart from 'the pudgy look' that had graced all GM cars for over a decade. They collectively created the distinctive design and tailfin concept. Earl who was known to 'fire' designers at the drop of a hat, came back from Europe 'speechless' at the concept renderings and ultimately (two weeks later), whole heartedly, approved them!
 4th Myth: "Elvis Presley owned several 1959 Cadillac's":  Elvis can still be seen reincarnated in movie remakes and on The Strand at Las Vegas driving (usually a pink) one. In effect, he never owned one. He was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army at the time and never even got to 'touch one' until his return from his stint in the Armed Forces. The closest Elvis came was that when Nicholas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley....  he bought one at an auction in Monterey CA. and gave it to her as a gift. Elvis DID give a 1955 Cadillac Sedan (with 'rare' Air Conditioning) to his Mom & had the car painted ("Elvis Rose") Pink from it's original Grey.

More on Design:
Twin Tail lights were used in design as "twice as many looked expensive". Bill Mitchell also claimed the tail fins were influenced by the jet aircraft and fighter planes (like the P-38). Even Dave Hols said .."the rear end of a '59 caddy looks like exhaust ports on a jet"..."that may be why the car looks like it's moving , even when sitting in the driveway". Designers Chuck Puhlman and Roy Hill were also paramount in the design.... G.M. called it .."a Greenhouse Year"....with the 1959 Cadillac being no exception. It boasted unexcelled visibility and a great feeling of openness by thin pillars and a abbreviated sail panel. Sitting in this car you have an unobstructed view of all four corners (the fins, however, can be a distraction in the rearview mirror :). The aforementioned "Buick doors" made the final cut also, as well as, 'other' GM car parts. Door moldings, Openings, Window Surrounds and Seat Frames all were blended in. The buyer never knew, as seat cushions and fabrics were all unique to Cadillac.
The Magic Mirror colors were all developed 'outdoors' and the color staff even hosted an outdoor preview show for upper management. Only after the secret formula's were worked out and problems solved (with Poly mettalics) did they receive approval. There was along list of 'new features' they offered as Standard or Optional on the 1959 Eldorado.   G.M. developed a new Hydramatic Automatic Transmission:  spending $35 million on it's development. They also featured a direct-acting Power Brake Booster and Automatic Release Emergency Brake feature. The problematic R-12 freon based Air Suspension made a final appearance and was finally retired after 1960. However, the Tri-Power Carburetion Option became Standard on the '59 Eldo's.

A car for only the very wealthy in the 1950's.... the 1959 Cadillac has entrenched itself by five decades as THE Car to Own by younger buyers 'on their way up'. Even Walter McCall (Author of "80 Years of Cadillac-Lasalle") agreed, commenting that "the tailfins soon became Cadillac's Most Famous Feature"..."that each year (starting in 1948) the tailfins grew higher and higher, more flamboyant". He called them "Cadillac's spectacular zap fins".
Bar none- this will be Cadillac's Most Memorable Car Ever!!

A Picture of The Past:

1959 Was The First Year For:

Photo's From Outer Space            Copier by Xerox           Weather Station In Space
Synthetic Diamond by DeBeers           First "Bonanza", "Twilight Zone" and "Huckleberry Hound" TV Shows
First Grammy Awards Show          Barbie Dolls by Ruth Handler made by Mattel         Hawaii becomes 50th State in Union
First Major Rock Star Loss: Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Big Bopper ALL die in an Iowa Plane Crash

"Ben Hur" (Charlton Heston)   "Some Like It Hot" (Marilynn Monroe, Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon)  "Sleeping Beauty" (Disney)

5 room Bungalow w/ 2-bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, 'Modern' Kitchen, Full Basement w/ Heat $7,000
Ford Thunderbird $3250
Short Length Spring Coat $7.59
Square Dance Checkered Dress $3.29
4-Track AM/FM Stereo $329
Average Yearly wages: $5,010
Gasoline 25c Gal.
Loaf of Bread 20 cents
Kodak 8mm Movie Camera $67.50
Ladies Nylon Stockings $1
THESE were the 'Good Old Days' !

This car has been fitted with a pink Elvis Presley Concert Scarf, accompanied in Elvis style-Jewelry & Official Hobi Indian Peace Officer badge (Elvis collected badges), "EP" initials added to the doors, back seat pillow, Elvis Coyote Fur Coat , Electric Guitar & Amp and Elvis Gold Record Album.  
May 'The King's Music Live Forever in Our Hearts.