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  1958 PORSCHE 356a SPEEDSTER   T2 1600SUPER   


Whenever you think of Pivotal Car Collectible's, the Porsche Speedster has got to be on the Top Ten List.  Then narrow it down to "Most Desirable" and the 1958 Porsche Speedster quickly rises to top as The Cream of the Crop. Take it a step further, and narrow your sights to not just the 1500 normale or 1600 but, the 1600 'Super' version and it is considered "The Holy Grail" to Porschephile's all over the World. Not only because it offered the high horse  version but, it was The Last of the Best ( Porsche history websites state 4,147 1954-1958 Speedster built, 1,171 in 1957 -58, but, only "(6) 1600 Super's built in 1958"). The Porsche Speedster is one of a handful of Foreign Cars to become a 50's Icon Car. Due to the fact it is nimble and lightweight, it quickly became a 'weekend racer' for the wealthy by simply removing the raked windshield and tossing back the minimal soft top. We call ths our 'Barn Find' as it was discovered rust-free, tucked safely away in the garage of an Ocean front home in the 'Treasure Coast', FL. area. Like a discarded, rich man's "Toy" it was driven minimally and 'babied', more like a 'possession' then actual transportation. It carries VIN# 83937. This is one of the LOST Porsches in the Speedster Registry, just uncovered for the first time since it was born. The Porsche 356 Restoration Guide places this car well into Sept-Oct. production ( to clarify the books say #83201 was born March '57: 1st Teardrop Tail lights) and this one 578th from last built in 1958. Therefore, it would be correctly titled in 1958. The POA certificate is enroute.  One of the Porsche Registers has it as one of 331 US shipped.

Like any 54 year old, un-restored, Classic Barn Car  it had it positive points and negative points, but overall, it's in outstanding condition. The full history is in house. It is a 2-owner vehicle, purchased 2nd hand in 1964. The mileage is extremely low. The trim tag states it was originally Ruby Red, yet curiously, no visible sign of Red was to be found. It is re-finished now in the factory color of "Silver Metal" (aka: 'Silver Metallic'). It retains the Black Upholstery with Red Piping on the Original Racing Recaro-Type (not the standard Convertible Seats)  w/ original, Vintage 5-Pt. Racing Seatbelts. It has a Black Leather Dash and Door Panels and a recent Black Canvas Stayfast Soft Top. It has it's original Owners Manual, '58 Showroom Price List, Porsche "Stat's" Book, and a  original Shop Manual. Typical: During it's life: The driver's side front floor pan had a very small hole which was repaired, the orig. style muffler had been replaced with aftermarket Hi-Perf. style, and the wheels were changed to the typical aftermarket 5.5 width increased to accommodate larger tires..... yet, it retained it's original, date coded 15 x 4.5" Spare. We then went to great effort to find closely date coded, trued 4.5 x 15"original wheels from 4 different sources, replacing them with the correct sandblasted and Powder Coated in the correct Silver w/ the optional Rim Embellishers. They now carry new, correct size, new Vredestein Radial BW Tires & fresh Chrome Hub Caps with raised logo/crest (only correct on the U.S. 'Super Speedster' models). We have replaced many old exterior/interior chrome parts with new, searching through sources in Germany to buy almost entirely N.O.S. original parts.  This includes the original interior Ivory knobs, chrome grab bar and 'green' Tool Kit w/tools. The rear- end is correct stamped "BBAA" and the superb rebuilt transmission appears to be it's original. The engine block was replaced in 1971 with a 1965SC and then completely rebuilt. The previous owner told us it was fitted with Carrera Brakes when the engine was done, about 6,000 miles ago. The original bumpers were discarded /replaced with 'period correct' Chrome Nerf (ing) Bars as the previous owner attempted to save weight competing in local SCCA Gymkhana Parking Lot Time Trials and SCCA events. We feel this car is deserving of a complete restoration (perhaps even a color change back to 'Ruby Red' /since only 233 left the factory in that color) but, based on it's current condition, the car has now enjoyed a light restoration and will be displayed at our Museum and driven occasionally to Car Shows.

Priced righteous @ $275,000


We have dedicated this display to, actor, Steve McQueen ("Lemans"/ "Bullit"/"Great Escape"/The Getaway"/"Magnificent Seven"/ "Pappilon") who, like James Dean won his First Race driving #71 ~ his very own 1958 Speedster 1600S.

Keep in we add more rare 'options' and literature to this great old timer



Pretty much, most of you folks reading this know that the Porsche Speedster owes it's existence to U.S. Porsche Importer, Max Hoffman. He recognized the need for Porsche to compete with the other Sport Cars at the time and build a lower cost , stripped down, version for the U.S. Market. In fact, he prided himself on always having a $2,995 version on his floor complete with three options: "V-belt, Tire Pressure Gauge and Heater". Strictly conceived to reach a 'price-point', the Speedster was developed with Spartan equipment and accoutrements which made it more competitive for the U.S. Market.  By the 1958 model year, the T2 (Technical Program 2) Speedsters had risen to $3,670. It acquired a formidable reputation due to the fact Porsche's own 'versuchsableilung' (Experimental Dept.) had upgraded the motor to 1.6 liters to take advantage of 'new' higher grade fuels. Porsche redefined the Speedster by developing the car with an updated suspension, softer springs but, stiffer dampers, lower floor, wider (smaller) tires, adding a small 'rub strip' on the rockers & a curved windshield, while dropping the troublesome roller-bearing crankshaft. For the T2 series, Porsche also responded by improving carburetion, adding a ZF worm and lever steering system, and making various mechanical changes (mentioned above). The T2's also had teardrop taillights replacing the twin 'beehive' units from the past and a three-bolt door striker plate. Plus, the Solex carb's were booted for Zenith and Lacquer finish replaced with cost saving Enamel. However, you could get a Optional: modern Radio, Automatic Interior Light,  Steering Wheel Lock and a Clock. I suppose we could mention the less popular  accessories: 'Travel Kit', 'under-dash power port' and 'Leather Hood Belts'(in Brown or Black), as well*.  The well-to-do youth, and older young at heart, gave the Porsche Speedster its stellar reputation by frequent wins @ Weekend Gymkhana's and Races all over America (due to it's lightweight design). While the factory did their part by winning races like the 24 Hr. Lemans ('51), Mille Miglia, Sebring, German GranPrix and again with 2 entries in the 24 Hr. Lemans (1953). This car became known as "The Giant Killer". They continually evolved the 356's engineering in order to distance itself from it's VW roots.

For those that never owned a Porsche- they are a very addictive automobile. Initially, you may not like driving it, the first time or two out, as it's a True Sports car. You're going to feel every pebble on the road. But, after two weeks- we think, you won't be able to pry your self out of the seat. Porsche earns it's Undeniable Legend.

These old sports car's have a top speed of over 100 mph and reach 0-60 in 10 sec... laughable by Ferrari Standards, when actually, it's quite respectable given the age. Having owned multiple Ferrari's, when the Ferrari's at the Shop, you'll drive by and wave in your Porsche.  The Certificate of Authentification from Porsche has been ordered.  This is a car that's value will rise well above what it cost today to buy one.....  

       * Late in the series Porsche also added Whitewall Tires(yes, whitewalls), Heaters, Choice of Radios, Chrome Bumpers, OverRider Bumper Bars, Body or Bumper Mounted Foglights, Headlight  Stone Guards, Glamour Rings, Electric Clocks, Lighters, Choice of Outside Mirrors, Colored Floormats, Passenger Safety Belt, Koni Shocks, Anti-Theft Switch, Signal Blinker Switch and Cocoa Mats (USA).