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This Series Chevy Pickup was known as "The Advanced-Design Era" and it went into production late in the year May 1,1947. Consequently, there are two different designs on the resale market for that first year-... the old "Wurlitzer Grille" Style and this  body-configuration, known by G.M. Dept. Heads as "the Round and Juicy Style ". It culminated in early 1955 with the introduction of the square "Task Force" Model.  Chevrolet was 'proud  ' and bragged it  was designed  with "Uni-Steel Battleship Construction". By 1951, the Chevy Truck had matured into one of the Most Loved, Recognized, Most Appreciated, Sought After Trucks ever made. This '51 Model is special in many ways and, to hard core collector's, is considered the Most Collectible of that entire Series. The 1951, is the First w/ Wind Wing Side windows and The Last with while Chromium features which were completely eliminated by 1952 . The '51 Chevy 3100 Thrift Master stands out from all the others in this Series because America was just hunkering down for the War in Korea so again, it is The Last 'Chrome Laden' Model.. To boot, this beauty is not only the FIVE Window version (Chevrolet called it "Observation Car Vision") but, a deluxe style with all the "frivolous" Extra Chrome... This truck was built in March of 1951 yet, (due to the Economy?) did not sell and was titled until 1952, for the first time.  Therefore, by VIN, it carries all the 1951 features like a Chrome: Grille, Window Handles, Wiper Knob, Dash Fascia Trim, Chrome Window Trim and 'Chrome' Series Badges on the Hood. When you go Classic Truck shopping & many times you see Chrome Grilles on the later "Advanced Design Series" Trucks...many have been ADDED during it's life ($60 option at the time!). Since Chromium was needed for the war effort.... Chevrolet  and GMC eliminated most all bright metal from production trucks with the 1952 Model causing this correct model to stand-out in Truck History.  

The 1951 design also offered a host of 'new' improvements: Bendix Self-Energizing "Duo-Serve" Brakes, 80 mph Speedo, Lavish Chrome Dash Trim, Parking Brake Pedal, "Double Decker Spring Seats" w/ Ball & Roller Bearing Seat Adjuster, Improved 'new' Front Stabilizer Bar, was the 1st Year of Vent Windows, and they carried  the standard Mid-Year change of EIGHT, wider Boards, in the Truck Bed instead of 9 smaller.  Factory Options were extended to: Twin Tail lights, Chrome Grille Guard, Hand-held-Plug-In Spotlight, AM  P.B. Radio, "Nu Vue" Side Windows (2), Glamour Rings for the Wheels, Rear Chrome Bumper (yes, it WAS an option this year) , H.D. Chevrolet Heater, and WWW Tires.  This Series was originally powered by the 216 cubic inch / 92 h.p. Thrift Master Six,   Hence, this truck, like most that have survived, has been thankfully retro-fitted with a 235 c.i. 115 hp "Stovebolt" 6 cyl. motor ('54). All carried the 3-speed Synchromesh Transmission- w/ column shift ( the 4-speed 'stump puller' was optional).

This truck retains all the original characteristics that made it so appealing with improvements like: 11 Louver ventilation vents on the Right side and a vent on the Cowl (the Wind Wings replaced the one side cowl vent). Our truck is finished in the years Most Popular Color:  correct "Forester Green" (some call 'Hunter Green') with correct Brown Leatherette Interior and Beige Poly Metal Cab Trim (not an inappropriate body color as so often seen). She runs like you would expect and drives out 'like new'. It also features Wide Whitewall Tires, Chrome Hub Caps and Glamour Rings. This Deluxe version is also fitted with the "Nu-Vue" Rear 1/4 Windows, Bright Windshield & Side Window Garnish Moldings, Oil Filter, Seatback Trim Panel, Driver's & Passenger Armrest, Door Mirror, Stainless Chrome Bed Strips, Signal Lights, Chrome Rear Bumper, and, of course, Chrome (Stainless) Grille Bars. It has an $800 'updated' Orig. Radio, Original Rubber Mats, Wide Whitewall Tires, and orig. Chevrolet Heavy- Duty Heater. This is a fairly recent , frame-off $38,000+ restoration (w/ photo's & receipts) that was used & Shown @ Classic Car Shows minimally, as evidenced by the lack of mud & rust on the undercarriage.  We have sought out rare Period Options and can offer the following at Extra Charge: Correct Hand Held  Spotlight (Factory Option), 50's new-old-stock Green Pendleton Lap Blanket, 50's Party Thermos with Spicket, 1951 Coca-Cola Cooler, 1951 Florida "Keep It Green" License Plate, Dash Mount Outside Temperature Gauge, and N.O.S. 5 1/2" Amber Foglamps.  Now that it appears we are finally Viewing the Recession in our Rearview Mirror- you could find it great fun driving a austere, low-key, Old Classic Pickup. Receipts in house for this frame-off / bolt-for-bolt restoration.  $46,500 SOLD-THANKS


Notable events of 1951 were: Gen. Douglas MacArthur was dismissed as Commander-In-Chief after challenging Pres. Truman  over his attacks on Chinese Territories,  American Casualties in Korea mounted as 15,000 died in one year and 75,000 were wounded. America's Communist 'Witch Hunt' raged on while Hollywood Movie Actors and Director's went unemployed as the "Hollywood Ten' were blacklisted.  Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner would get married, while Ronald Reagan (future Pres.) would be cast against a Chimpanzee in the movie 'Bedtime for Bonzo", Seventeen Million Americans would now have their own (B&W) TV's and many would stay home just to see the next episode of "I Love Lucy", "The Cisco Kid", Edward R Murrow 's "See It Now" or Dinah Shore on "The Chevy Show". Get this: 14 1/2 minute long Chevy commercials would precede Dinah singing, then blowing a kiss, and closing her Show. RCA marketed a 6/1/2" x 8" B&W TV for $325 (+$55 installation fee), while Philco sold a 15" Television for $795!  Johnny Ray would blanket the airwaves on the Radio singing "Cry", while Tony Bennett crooned "Because of You". Perry Como was the smooth as silk  Ladies 'heart throb'  singing his #1 hit "Try".

Professional Wrestling reached a new low with the appearance of 'personalities' like "Gorgeous George Wagner" appearing in Shocking Pink Shorts and Bleached Blond Permanent Wave, while the 1st  African-American Baseball Player swept a 7-game series between the NY Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers 4 years earlier to win "Rookie Of The Year". By 1951, his career leap-frogged!  Bing Crosby and Bob Hope continued to release more of their "Road To..." Movie Comedies, while Betty Grabel and her awesome "Gams" would grace nearly every G.I.'s locker door after appearing in the film "Mother Wore Tights". Who could forget the cartoon film "Song Of The South" and the song "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" or the Bijou Classic film "A Streetcar Named Desire" featuring Marlon Brando (mumbling  his lines).  The Flamingo Hotel would survive in Las Vegas but, owner/mobster Bugsy Siegel would never live to enjoy the sight of Neon Lights on The Strip as an assassin's bullet, just a few short years before, would take him down right in his own living room in Beverly Hill's.

By the 1950's, American Automobile Design was still in mid-evolution between Giant Tanks and the Rocket-like Styling of the late 50's. What helped was the Buick Division producing the XP300 Motorama Show Car in an effort to muscle the consumer's dated mindset. By 1951-1952 Chrysler would develop the 'revolutionary' "HydraGuide" and Hudson a switch-on & off-able  Power Steering option.  American Automakers stopped building cars during the War Years but, Truck production continued at a Strong Pace during the entire time. Incredibly, truck manufacturers turned out 3.2 million Military Transport vehicles while many of them were 1/4 ton Jeeps, pickups in 1/2 & 3/4 Ton sizes. Chevrolet, alone, built 56,000 pickups during the 4 War years. But, by 1947 Chevrolet beat the One-Up Manufacturers Game by being the FIRST to re-body their GM vehicles and restyle entirely new truck lines.  They soundly beat the competition by 6 full months with major styling changes. Chevrolet's and GMC's so-called "Advance-design" trucks entered production May 1947 and were on sale by June 28th 1947. Once again Harley Earl was responsible for this new so-called  "Advanced Design" with that shape having been in the works since 1942 at the GM Styling Dept.  This design was so popular it lasted 9 years, through early 1955.

Built on the practical side, this new design was more user-friendly, and after several diligent surveys, G.M. found drivers wanted  more interior space, a seat wide enough for 3 adults, better outward vision and easier entry & exit. Under the direction of John Wood, GM truck engineers improved many design flaws including, Ventilation. Chevrolet bragged on 'the cab that breathes"...although the windshield could no longer be 'cranked out', the cowl had a large vent and the pass. side carried a louvered vent. To improve sight lines the front & side glass area was enlarged while the "NuVue"  Curved Side Glass Windows became an option.

Chevy's "Trendsetting" Thriftmaster had the Instrument panel placed in front of the driver with two gauges and a Chrome Speaker Grille in the center. Hidden amongst the chrome bars was a Ashtray. It was considered 'trendsetting' because this (and the Wind Wings) set the tone for future cars including the Chevrolet passenger car dash design. Standard color was 'Forester Green' although factory body-colors could also be ordered in 'Swift Red', 'White', 'Sun Beige', 'Black', 'Omaha Orange', 'Seacrest Green', 'Armour Yellow', 'Cape Maroon', or two shades of Blue ('Windsor' or 'Mariner')*. All had contrasting pinstripes.

'New' these trucks were a relative bargain, priced at just $1406 for the 3100 Shortbed Pickup. Standard equipment was Black Rubber Floormat, Dome lamp, Rheostat Instrument Lighting, and Twin Windshield Wipers.... but, Oil Filters, Air Cleaner, Outside Mirrors, Outside SunVisor, Directional Signals, Seat Covers, Glare-Proof Rearview Mirror,  Hydraulic Shocks, Longer Running Boards, Chrome Trim, Heater / Defroster, Pass. Armrest, Rear Bumper, etc. were ALL optional (however, your Chevrolet Dealer was happy to mount some of these at extra-cost).  The calendar year saw GM build  426,111 Chevrolet units in all sizes (30.17% of all U.S. Trucks) but, production was actually reduced 16% this year due to NPA applied controls.... that, thanks to the Korean War buildup. That reduction was reflected solely in small truck production. This, and all the factors above, make this 1951 3100 Shortbed rarer by low volume. The fact it was the last laden w/ chrome ( in the Advanced Design Series)......just adds to the charm. 

 If you think driving a Classic Car causes DeJavu'.... get behind the wheel of a Classic Truck!

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