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This is one of our 'hottest sellers'. A vintage 45 r.p.m. record player that mounted under the dash. They were primarily made by RCA under license also as 'ARC' and other brands like 'Western Auto' and very popular with Teenagers with a little dough in their pocket. They would play (8) 45 rpm records so, you could woo your girlfriend with your favorite hit Singles and maybe 'get lucky'. It amazingly rode bouncing along without loosing a beat. Since the average 'Hit' was 2.5 minutes long, you had about 20 minutes to get the job done.... LOL. We have specialized in these for the last 14 years and seek them out all across the USA. They are VERY hard to find without rust bubbles and NOT missing  the needle, radio plug or other parts. This one is complete and at last mount- worked like a charm. You can see this player is in excellent condition. $1500