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This incredible discovery  was professionally restored, with hundreds of man-hours spent ...

bringing this wonderful old Funeral Coach back to Service. It is one of the few S&S Coaches that still exist, as Model# 2801, carried on the extended 76 Cadillac Chassis. The S&S Manufacturer's # is 8389, DELUXE VICTORIA Model. It features both Side-Doors & Endloading Door. According to The Standard Catalog for Cadillac, G.M. produced about 1,694 Commercial chassis for all  5 body builders/ Coach Houses including Meteor, Eureka, A.J. Miller, Superior and S&S /Hess & Eisenhart (Grand Total: was actually 4,727 to include Packard Henney & Chrysler). That would extrapolate to a very low build...probably about 338. With even lower production for the 3-Way Body Style. Worth mentioning: The Classic Car Club of America recognizes all 75 Series Cadillac models as Full American Classics while the Milestone Society also recognizes the 75 Sedan & Limousine as "Certified Milestone Cars". This would help set this car next to Top Contender's at any Car Show or PCS Show field.

 With major design changes marking the Cadillac's design for 1948, General Motors actually styled the '48 with small tailfins inspired by the Lockheed P-38 fighter planes. The egg-crate grille was higher in the middle than on the sides and gave the impression of "Class and Stature" from the moment the car pulled into the driveway or Porte Coche. The front of the car was protected by a massive bumper bar which curved around the fenders. The Commercial Chassis carried 163" wheelbase while the Limousine carried 136". This coach would have sold new for about $5,535.00, plus Options. Interiors were deliberately made plain and simple with thick wool door panels and seating. This Era represented The Last of the Big "Classic Cadillac's".  And  the Luxury Standard Bearer for the immediate Postwar World. Truly an imposing Automobile. The Cadillac's of that Period carry the burden of that history with a Degree of Elegance not found in most all of the other marquee's. The 1948'S stood alone in an explosion of  "luxury" cars that came after with 'overdone' by Fins and Flash as The Last of the Truly Stately Cadillac's.

This native California bred Cadillac was born in Rossmoyne (Cincinnati), Ohio with a Hydramatic Automatic Transmission, and 346 cubic inch V8 / 150 h.p. @ 3,400 r.p.m -said to be State-of-the Art in 1948. However, in the interest of dependability, as a Full Service Coach. this Hearse was treated to a Complete Restoration to include new paint, interior, mechanical upgrade and re-chrome. It received a professional transplant of a 472 c.i. V8 from a '73 S&S Cadillac with a 400 Turbo Automatic. The entire front suspension clip was painstakingly married to the '48 so, this vehicle now benefits from a more modern technology including Better Steering, Better (Disc) Brakes and Much Better Steering capabilities. The wiring was completely redone by Ron Francis and new 'Vintage" Air Conditioning added as well. The Radiator was built to match the package and a 3:42 Rear End Installed for better mileage. It carries all New Steering Rack, & Brakes yet, retains the stock, Rear Leaf Springs and Shocks. Coker Wide Whitewall Radial Tires are mounted on 15" wheels and topped by the traditional Sombrero Cadillac Hubcaps of the Period. The Wool Interior was Custom made by Portace Trim to match the pattern and character of the original. No casket pull-out table is in place. Mileage on this 15 yr.old restoration is only '00831'.  We just did further re-restoration and have added restored Hubcap Centers, Door Funeral Home Sign Holders and much More. Carpet or Mohair for the Casket Chamber is also available @ an extra charge.

A Coach ready for use for any Service yet, modernized, just enough, to be fully functional  yet, retain the original beauty of the Coachbuilders Dream. She drives "As New".   SOLD, THANK YOU! 

   The Story: 

1948 was a Year of the 'Teenage New Age' and Shocking New Changes. Harry Truman was re-elected narrowly beating Thomas Dewey. 'Teenagers were recognized foe the Very First Time in U.S. History to be a demographic unto themselves. Partly because of the extra jobs created by WWII and Madison Avenue's mission to sell them clothes, records, cars and food. Life Magazine decided to note teenagers were getting more independence and 'Juvenile Delinquent's' were becoming the norm. Boys, for the most part wore 'Collegiate ' Sweaters, Pleated Pants and casual 'Ricky" Jackets while the Gal's wore Pleated Skirts, Baggy Sweaters, Bobby Sox and Penny Loafers. A new 'element' began to surface in Leather Jackets, Pointed Shoes and Slicked-back Hair. Color TV started to put a real dent 'Going To The Pixture Show' as everyone in America just HAD to have a new Color TV . By 1948, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all the Major Movie companies had to divest themselves of the monopoly over exhibition of films and Theatre Chains. By the end of the 50's, the Hollywood 'Studio System' would collapse and Actors and Directors would take back control of their camera's and careers.

"Howdy Doody" would engulf ' Live' Television while Ed Sullivan's "Toast of The Town" (pre- 'Ed Sullivan Show') would garnish many adult viewers. This would be the year Marilyn Monroe would hit the Big Screen in "Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay" (yes, a REAL Movie Title) followed by "Ladies of the Chorus". With two 'bombs' in a row, and her career faltering she would pose nude for $50  and see the light of over a million calendar sales just a few years later. There was NO Elvis yet... crooners like 'Bing Crosby', 'Art Mooney & His Orchestra', 'Spike Jones & The City Slickers' and 'Bull Moose & His Bearcats' would rise to fame as 'bebop' became popular. This was the year 'long-playing' 33rpm records replaced the standard 78 rpm ( maximum of 4 minutes) while 33rpm could play 'forever' (up to 23 min.). Full Metal Wagons pushed "Woodies" out of production and with over 1 million homes built this year. Suburbia cried out for Station Wagons to haul groceries and kids and Detroit was happy to build them. On the sad side; the FBI & US Justice Department  would investigate 2 million Federal Employees for Communist ties. Yet, America remained "HAPPY".  Top Pop hits would be "Buttons & Bows" by Dinah Shore, "Manyana" by Peggy Lee, "Nature Boy" by Nat King Cole and "You Can't Be True, Dear" by Ken Griffin.

So you see, all in all, 1948 was... A Year To Remember.