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This is a 'stunning' example of Henry Ford's work during His Finest Hour. If your tired of seeing Black , Beige and Gray 30's Fords, this great car was restored frame-off, finished with "Bone Stock" in mind in the Factory Correct, original color : "Cloud Mist Grey" with Tan Mohair "LeBaron-Bonney" Interior. It is a rust-free Collierville, Tennessee car that had 42,105 title proven miles on the odometer (the Speedo was replaced w/ NOS unit and the original retained). It does carry the Optional 85 hp V8 and 3-Speed transmission. This car was totally restored with over $28,764.00 spent on parts alone. It was then driven to Car Shows and weekend jaunts sparingly (as evidenced in the undercarriage pix). This IS an ALL Henry Ford Steel restoration. It is fitted w/ new Lester Wide White Wall Tires and Standard Hubcaps. Note; it also has the wind-out 'Chrome' Windshield, Twin Tail Lights, Bumper Guards, License Plate Frame, and Twin Windshield Wipers.... normally not seen in the 'Standard Package'.

Coleman Bros. Speed Shop, MD. did the motor rebuild and it was upgraded to modern gas standards with hardened valves seats. It carries an Offenhauser Dual Intake Manifold with Twin Ford 94 Carb's. A mild Cam, Headers, new Clutch and Dual Exhaust were installed for Better Performance (originals included).The rear-end is the 3:78 ratio as delivered new yet, the shocks were replaced with more efficient Tube Type.  Front suspension was done and new Wiring Harness and Electrical Components installed. All Chrome and Stainless have been refurbished or replaced.  New Glass, Seals and Channels. New Drake Running Boards, Radiator and Gas Tank....and the list goes on. Title mileage 42,105. This is Museum Quality. Any Museum display props are NOT included in sale. Reduced to: $52,950 SOLD

(Not all items shown are included in price)



By 1939, America had just lifted itself out of the depths of a Major Depression. The Great Hopes for A New Day would be clouded by the reality of England declaring War on Germany. America, just starting the recovery from the Depression, was attempting to turn a Blind Eye on Hitler's Movement around Europe. Part of this attempt was The Worlds Fair held in New York City. Comic Book fans would now be enjoying the First Issue of Superman  released in late 1938, while Packard would build the First Automobile with Air Conditioning. This year Nestles would release the First Jar of Instant Coffee, the US. would issue the First Jefferson Head Nickel and Owens-Corning would make the First Fiberglas cookware. 1939 would also see America release the First Automatic Dishwasher, Microfilm Camera and PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS launch the First Trans American Seaplane to cross the Atlantic..this  while SIKORSKY fluttered about  launching it's First Helicopter. LOU GEHRIG would retire from Baseball with a nervous system disorder and HOLLYWOOD would produce an amazing 2,012 FEATURE FILMS- 483 in the United States. Seldom was the list of nominees for "Best Picture" for The Academy Awards so long..... it would take hours for the presentations. In the running: "Dark Victory", "Goodbye Mr. Chips", "An Affair To Remember", "The Wizard Of Oz", "Wuthering Heights", just to name a few of the Top Runners. However, the Winner was...Wizard..nope; "Gone With The Wind" with Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh (by a landslide). This film became a Cinematic Legend... sweeping it's stars and writer into a frenzy. Still the Great Hopes of the American  Public would be overshadowed by the reality of impending War .

FORD meanwhile decided, once again, to divide it's Model Line-up into two parts: The Standard Body and the Deluxe. Despite the fact the difference in price was just $65-85. But, in '1939 money'- it was ' a lot of bread' (at 5cents a loaf). It gave consumers a unique choice. They could basically choose the previous years design or a substantially revised, more Modern Body design. It was a safe bet for Ford as he was not a gambler, and didn't want to take the same risk Chrysler did with the Airflow. A indiscretion that almost bankrupted Walter P. Chrysler. Forever the Genius at Marketing, Ford even offered two different V8 motors to choose from. The economical 60 hp V8 or the "powerhouse?" 85 horse. Only 4 body-styles were listed in the Standard Series: A COUPE, TUDOR SEDAN, FORDOR SEDAN AND WOODIE while the Deluxe Series offered Six Styles  Options were minimal.

Though popular then, Ford sold 532,152 in the Calendar Year, yet- only 38,197 Standard Model Coupes were built that year. Since these have most often been 'butchered' or professionally built into Street Rods, there's just no way to know how many remain STOCK educated guess would be less than 5-10%.

Customers could choose from 60 and 85hp engines and all came with a 3 speed shift , floor-mount shifter. Standard Models were generally Spartan and did not have the Banjo Steering Wheel, Glove Box Lock or Clock usually seen on the Deluxe but, sometimes these goodies were added later. Though the body lines of the Deluxe are popular, we like the rare Standard Model design as well (or better). Many folks mix the 1939 Styling with '38 but, they are easy to differentiate by the 'sail panel' on the sides of the hood. They still carried the 'teardrop' Headlights of '38. Options were few in 1939: Bumper Guards, Radio, Heater, Clock, Seat Covers, Sideview Mirror, Sport Light, Foglamps, Locking Gas Cap, Draft Reflectors, Vanity Mirror, Wheel Trim Rings, WWW Tires, Fender Skirts and License Plate Frame. Big News was in 1939 it was the First Year for the Lockheed Aircraft Designed Hydraulic Brakes and that may be the reason Ford finished the Year with record production. Despite the fact Edsel Ford was President of Ford that year, it is written,  Henry Ford is said to have wielded 'The Power'.