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Before most of us were teenagers, the popular term for cars like this was when they were called "gow jobs". They later happily morphed into being called "Hot Rods" in the 1950's. It was a term used to describe old, classic American Cars that were modified in the Need for Speed. Actually it was coined 'tongue in cheek' as they were originally claimed to be "hot" from being constructed entirely of Stolen Parts.  Other descriptions, passed down for Centuries, were that it was meant to describe the Speed Equipment that was added to make it 'hot'. Another old term you may have heard over the years was "hopped up". Today that means 'high on dope'. No matter, cars like this were indeed 'modified' to make it much more powerful. One of the largest 'donor cars' for a project like this would have been any early Ford Coupe or Convertible. This is just such a car.

 It was Professionally built by old-timer Scotty's Rod Shop in St.Cloud, Fla.  Beautifully constructed using all 2x2 and 2x4 Steel Box Tubing and a high quality body by Fiberglas Unlimited..... as you can see, it really is a Work of Art.  The all-Steel dash is from a 1950 Pontiac Streamliner, custom fit with fresh chrome, down to every detail, even rolling the sides & corners on the glove box door. The entire build was approved and Safety Inspected on completion in 2006 by the NSRA (National Street Rod Assoc.) with all construction TCI welded for safety, with added cross members and supports. Brakes are by Wildwood 4 piston Front with rear Drum on a 8" Ford Rear w/ Adj, Bias Setting. Yet, the Differential is by Auburn Gears, the Limited Slip version (542059). Gauges are Stewart-Warner all indexed & custom installed into the Dash with a Custom Radio System. That's a 1956 Chevy Steering Wheel on a Chevrolet Tilt Column. The Paint is "Burgundy" (G.M.Pontiac; 1965, also "Speedline Maroon"- '30's Ford) with a Saddle Naughhyde Interior and Door Panels. The Black Canvas Soft Top is 1st Cabin ($1000) by LeBaron-Bonney, as well as, the matching frame. It functions like a dream to keep you Out of the Sun or, folded -back, in the glow of Mother Nature. Side Curtains are included, as well as, a Canvas Boot. Seatbelts were added for safety and a pair of Custom Mirrors for changing lanes with ease.  The Motor was a new GM 350 cube LT-1 (300hp) purchased direct from the local Pontiac Dealer blessed with a mild Cam and Transmission by Phoenix PTP350 (#2895) 3-spd. Hydramatic. The Front end is a Chrome Dropped Axle with beautiful Simulated Buick Finned Alum. Brakes (actually hiding Disc Brakes).The Alternator is by Kubota modified to look American Vintage, that's a Edelbrock 550cfm Carb and Aluminum Manifold. Walker Rad cooling and Brake Master Cylinder is by Wildwood, as well. Almost 'new' Coker Wide Whitewall Tires make those Lincoln fenders (yes, early Lincoln) look even better. This car did the 2006 Power Tour with ease and has been a welcome guest at many Car Shows in Florida, by it's retired Doctor prev.owner. It is road ready to take you anywhere. As you can see, it is true to the Old School Style with parts from many American Manufactures, yet, it is titled simply, with a clean Fla. title, as a "1930 Ford 2 Door". It thusly earns a 1930 Authenticated License Plate to match. Truly a Professional Build she comes with extra parts that make this Little Beauty not just a Good Buy but, a Great Deal.

 oh yeh,.....feather weight ~ it is fast. Priced to sell $37,950.

Now on display for sale at the Mount Dora Museum of Speed